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Monthly SSI $841 Cheques Given on the Exact Date in March – Are You Eligible?


Adults and children with disabilities or blindness who have income and resources below certain financial limits are eligible for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment.

SSI payments are also granted to those aged 65 and over who are financially eligible but do not have a disability.

SSI benefits are distributed on the first of every month unless it is a weekend or a public holiday.

Checking with merchants is also a good idea.

At selected Ace Hardware locations, seniors receive a 10% discount.

Lowe’s offers a discount to veterans and military personnel.

Even movie theatres, such as AMC, provide senior discounts daily; you must choose senior discounts when checking out online.

It’s a good idea to inquire about senior discounts at your favourite restaurant or establishment.

Many restaurants have something to offer. It is conditional on the place.

Here are a few of the available discounts.

There is a property-tax advantage for seniors in every state in the country.

In New Jersey, for example, homeowners 65 and older can deduct up to $250 from their property taxes each year.

Property taxes for seniors are frozen in certain areas, while others have a cap on how much they can increase.

In addition, depending on your state, the “homestead exemption” for seniors may be increased.

Senior people 65 and above in Colorado can deduct up to half of the first $200,000 in value of their home.

It’s wise to find out what deductions you’re eligible for in your state.

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On March 9, retirees born between the first and tenth of the month received their Social Security payout.

On March 16, seniors born between the 11th and the 20th will receive their next payout.

On March 23, retirees born between the 20th and the 31st of the month will receive their next SS payout.

The average pension payment for retired workers has increased by $92 this year, from $1,565 to $1,657.

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