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Millions of People Are Still Eligible for Stimulus Funds Worth Thousands of Dollars


Is it possible that the government owes you some money from the stimulus package? Last month, the IRS said that between 9 and 10 million eligible people have not yet received their payments.

With more than 326 million people living in California, a lot of people are likely missing out on thousands of dollars in stimulus money.

You have only a few days left to ask the IRS for any stimulus or child tax credit money you are owed. If you’re one of these millions of people, you need to take action right away to make sure you get your money.

Who is Most Likely to Have Missed Out on This Money?

The IRS says that people with low incomes, limited access to the internet, or who were homeless were more likely to miss out on stimulus funds.

There could also have been mistakes or mistakes. Another person who might miss out on stimulus money is someone who doesn’t usually file their tax return.

When Does the Official Deadline Fall?

If you don’t have to file taxes, you have until Thursday, November 17, to fill out a simplified tax return to get the stimulus or child tax credit money you were supposed to get but didn’t. The IRS will keep the free file site open until November 17 to help people.

What Should People Do to Get Their Money?

It’s not that hard. You should go to the Free File page, where you can fill out some basic information to file your taxes for free.

For free tax help, call the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) line at 800-906-9887 or go to this website.

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