Midterm Elections in the United States Appear to Have Passed ‘peak Trump’


(UPI) — Trump wasn’t on the midterm election ballot in 2022. He has done everything he can to keep his influence over American politics.

His efforts to set the political agenda for 2022 and back his kind of candidates had an effect on this year’s elections and the race for president in 2024.

He might run for president again in 2024. He said he would choose on Tuesday. Many political experts think that he might put his plans on hold after the midterms.

Trump is blamed for the fact that the Republican Party didn’t take advantage of high inflation, a rise in murders, and Joe Biden’s poor performance.

Many political experts wonder if the 45th president’s political high point was when the GOP “red wave” failed to come through. Has “peak Trump” passed?

The midterm elections show that people are unhappy with the president. Republicans thought they would win big because Democrats only had the House by five votes and the Senate was split down the middle.

The Democrats kept control of the Senate and lost fewer seats in the House than was expected. This is one of the best midterm election results for a Democratic president in decades. This will make Republicans slow down. Easy to figure out the answer.

Trump is loved by 15% of the public, but his “America first” nationalism has never been very popular. In 2016, 2018, and 2020, the most votes went to Democrats, but that didn’t always mean they were in charge.

Trump’s effect on the midterms in 2022 was clear. Trump backed candidates before the election on Tuesday. These people were chosen because they were loyal to him and because he said the 2020 election was stolen, which was not true. These candidates didn’t do well at the national level, which cost Republicans seats in swing states.

Midterm Elections in the United States Appear to Have Passed 'peak Trump'

In Pennsylvania, Mehmet Oz lost to the Democrats by 8%, and Herschel Walker did not do as well as he should have. The second case can teach us something.

Walker beat longtime incumbent Raphael Warnock and got 48% of the vote. There will be a second round of voting in December. Brian Kemp was re-elected by seven points. He is a mainstream Republican who is not a Trump supporter.

Many voters are willing to disagree with Trump’s extremism without leaving the GOP. On a national level, candidates backed by Trump did worse than regular Republicans.

Extreme election skeptics did the worst. Doug Mastriano lost the race for governor of Pennsylvania by 14 points. He was said to have hired buses to take people to Washington on January 6, 2021. Daniel Cox lost by 24 points. If he had won, he had promised to look into the 2020 election.

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Candidates who won with Trump’s support, like J.D. Vance in Ohio, stayed away from his extreme views. Many swing voters and moderate Republicans listened to Biden’s call to vote against candidates who would hurt democracy.

The DeSantis Effect

Ron DeSantis, who used to work for Trump and is now his rival, did well in the midterms. He went against the national trend when he was re-elected in Trump’s home state of Florida.

DeSantis ran on issues like the economy, immigration, and crime. He was against Trump’s claims that he didn’t win the election and his extreme views on abortion. He has a clear place of power from which to run for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

Midterm Elections in the United States Appear to Have Passed 'peak Trump'

DeSantis’s White Christian nationalism shares a lot of the cultural conservatism of the “America First” movement, but he stays away from its most extreme positions.

He doesn’t have the problems and prejudices of his former mentor. DeSantis is the most energetic Republican of his generation, and he seems to be in a good position to move up to the national level and present a version of populist conservatism that is less polarising and offensive than Trump’s.

What Next for the GOP?

The lessons for the GOP from the midterms are clear, even if they are hard to act on. Even if Trump stays popular with his core supporters, the results of the 2022 election show that many Republicans would rather vote for someone else than for Trump or someone who sounds like him.

The GOP can support DeSantis because he has a good track record. The American people think that “peak Trump” is over. The GOP has to kick Trump out of the Grand Old Party. David Hastings Dunn is a professor of international politics at the University of Birmingham.

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