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MDPD: the CEO of Coral Gables Hospital Was Killed in a Murder-suicide


According to Miami-Dade authorities, the Chief Executive Officer of Coral Gables Hospital was killed in a murder-suicide.

According to police, Maria Cristina Jimenez was shot and killed shortly before noon on Wednesday by her 62-year-old husband Antonio Mazzorana, who subsequently committed suicide.

At 11:45 a.m., a call was received concerning a gunshot at their residence in the Schenley Park neighborhood, near S.W. 57 Ave. and 34 Street.

Ivan Mazzarona, Mazzarona’s younger brother, spoke with Peter D’Oench.

He stated, “I was taken aback. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, yet my thoughts transported me to a sad place beyond comprehension.

My brother was a dedicated worker. He was both busy and successful. His wife was also a successful businesswoman. It definitely takes you by surprise.”

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“This surprises me,” he remarked. “I didn’t see my brother was down. I know he had some challenges at work, with the contract he was working on coming to an end, but he had no financial issues.”

Cristina Jimenez had been with Coral Gables Hospital for over 35 years until becoming CEO in 2017.

According to the South Florida Business Journal, when she was promoted, she helped the hospital gain the Joint Commission’s gold mark of approval for both total hip and complete knee replacements.

According to Ivan Mazzarona, “Cristina had a beautiful soul. She was polite to everyone she met, and she was well-informed and respected by her peers. I just didn’t see anything wrong with them. It is quite challenging. Another family is in distress.”

Members of Jimenez’s family were also contacted, but they declined to comment at this time.

Mazzarona stated that his brother likewise worked in the medical field.

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