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Mayor Eric Adams of New York City Warns Democrats of a “Wrong Approach” Regarding Top Voter Issues


In an opinion piece published on Sunday, New York Mayor Eric Adams criticized Democrats for having the “wrong attitude” about the most important issues for voters. This was after Democrats spent months blaming rising crime on “perception” and not calling out Gov. Kathy Hochul on the issue.

Adams wrote in USA Today, “New York is the safest big city in America, but that doesn’t help a mother whose child was killed by a gun.” This goes against what he said before, that crime fears are mostly based on “perception.”

“Voting is not just a matter of logic; it’s an act of emotional faith.” “It’s about addressing people’s needs, feelings, and realities and doing something about it,” said Hizzoner, lamenting the loss of working-class voters by the Democrats.

Adams said that Republicans “do this well” and ask “the right questions,” but that “even though they ask the right questions, they give the wrong answers.” “Democrats have the right ideas, but they have the wrong way of thinking,” he said.

Adams asked his fellow Democrats to focus on “urgent” solutions to crime and other important issues for working-class voters, like the economy and inflation.

“They worry about the economy, crime, and price increases.” “They are also looking for leaders who understand their problems and look out for their best interests, no matter what party they belong to,” he said.

“We must keep “right now” solutions in the spotlight, like investing in things like income tax credits, child care, housing, health care, and public safety,” he said as he wrapped up.

Adams’s party did better than expected in the midterm elections last Tuesday, except in New York, where Democratic Gov. Hochul barely beat Republican Lee Zeldin.

In the deep blue Empire State, the GOP also won two congressional seats on Long Island. Adams says that the Democrats risk “long-term irrelevance” if they don’t win back working-class voters.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City Warns Democrats of a Wrong Approach Regarding Top Voter Issues

The mayor of New York pointed out that Hispanic and Asian voters have less support than they did in 2018. Associated Press exit polls show that only 6 out of 10 Hispanic and Asian Americans voted Democrat. This is down from 7 out of 10 and 8 out of 10 just four years ago.

“On Tuesday, Republicans from Queens and Brooklyn, which are usually very Democratic areas, did very well and won seats that are usually held by Democrats,” he said.

“Republicans will keep using their advantage in the way congressional districts are drawn to control more seats with fewer votes than we can. This will make us irrelevant in the long run as we become the party of only upper-middle-class people in cities and suburbs.”

Since June 2021, when he won the Democratic primary for mayor and called himself the new “face of the Democratic Party,” Adams has been trying to move up in the national Democratic Party. Adams said at the time, “America is bad at running cities.”

Adams campaigned for Hochul before Tuesday’s gubernatorial election, but he was accused of wanting Hochul’s long-shot Republican opponent Zeldin to win so that he could get his public safety plan through Albany.

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