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Katie Hobbs Defeats Kari Lake in Arizona’s Governor’s Elections


Katie Hobbs, the Democratic Secretary of State, is expected to be the next governor of Arizona, according to NBC News. Hobbs’ win is important for Democrats in a presidential battleground state, and it sends a message to a well-known person who doesn’t believe in elections.

The race was close for almost a week, though. Hobbs: “I’m proud to be the next governor of Arizona.” “I want to thank the voters for this great trust. It’s an honour of a lifetime, and I’ll do everything I can to make you proud.

Maricopa County authorities reported a record amount of early ballots were dropped off on Election Day, requiring signature verification. On Election Day, a record 290,000 early ballots were cast in Maricopa County, which has the most people in the state.

Lake, a supporter of the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement and a former local newscaster, tied her campaign closely to former President Donald Trump’s false claims that the Arizona election was rigged.

Polling in the final weeks of the campaign suggested she was grabbing the lead from Hobbs, who as secretary of state in 2020 defended the state’s election system and the accuracy of the count. Lake tweeted 90 minutes after NBC called the race for Hobbs, “Arizonans know BS.”

Katie Hobbs Defeats Kari Lake in Arizona's Governor's Elections

Hobbs ran a low-key campaign, which was different from Lake, who was everywhere. Lake’s charisma on TV helped her win the race, but voters were worried about where she stood on the 2020 election, abortion rights, and how close she was to the former president.

During the former president’s time in office, independent voters in the state left the Republican Party, allowing Joe Biden to flip the state from red to blue.

High-stakes. This year, the best chance for an election-denying candidate to win a governor’s race in a swing state was in Arizona. The winner would have a direct impact on how the 2024 presidential election is confirmed.

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Arizona had one of the highest rates of inflation in the country, and people were worried about people from Mexico who were in the country illegally. Lake focused on the economy, education, and crime in the last few weeks of her campaign.

In the last days of the campaign, on Election Day, and in the days afterward, problems with election administration were front and centre, as officials made mistakes and took a long time to count the votes.

Lake and the other GOP candidates all said bad things about the process. Some of them even said there was bad behaviour. At her election night party, Lake said, “Don’t let those cheaters and crooks fool you.”Katie Hobbs Defeats Kari Lake in Arizona's Governor's Elections

She said that victory would come “within hours.” She said, “We’ll call it a win and turn this situation around.”

Arizona Democrats thought that Lake’s refusal to change her positions, like claiming there was an invasion at the border and threatening to enforce new abortion laws after Roe v. Wade was overturned, would help Hobbs get votes from independents. Arizona voters are split between Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

In their campaign, Hobbs and her allies focused on restrictions on abortion that were backed by Republicans. They also showed how their plans for inflation and immigration were different from Lake’s.

58% of Arizona voters were upset or angry about the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court, and 80% of those voters chose Hobbs.

NBC News exit polls showed that Hobbs won most of the independent voters and 59% of the moderates. More than 70% of voters under the age of 29 chose Hobbs. Hobbs also got more Republican votes than Lake did.

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