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Joe Biden Has Warned Ukraine That Russian Military Action Is a “Very Real Possibility” | Must Know!


President Joe Biden warned Ukraine’s president on Thursday that Russia could take military action against Ukraine in February, according to the White House.

After the US rejected Russia’s primary requests again this week, the Kremlin sounded a similarly pessimistic note, saying there was “little ground for optimism” in resolving the problem.

Russia Pushing for Talks

Russian authorities stated that talks to resolve the problem were still possible, but President Biden issued a new warning amid mounting fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin will approve a new invasion of Ukrainian land in the not-too-distant future.

President Biden’s statements to Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a phone call, according to the White House, heightened concerns that administration officials have been raising for some time.


Joe Biden Has Warned Ukraine That Russian Military Action Is a Very Real Possibility
Joe Biden Has Warned Ukraine That Russian Military Action Is a “Very Real Possibility”

White House’s Statement

“President Biden has stated that the Russians may invade Ukraine in February,” according to White House National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne.

“He has publicly stated this, and we have been warning about it for months.”

Tensions have risen in recent weeks as the United States and its NATO allies expressed worry that a build-up of nearly 100,000 Russian troops near Ukraine signaled Moscow’s intention to attack its former Soviet ally.

Russia denies having such plans and has issued a list of requests that it claims will boost European security.

US says High Possibility of Invasion

According to the people involved with the call who were not authorized to speak publicly, President Biden informed Mr. Zelenskyy that the US believed there was a high possibility Russia would invade when the ground freezes and Russian soldiers could strike Ukrainian territory from north of Kyiv.

President Biden and Mr. Zelenskyy also addressed the possibility of extra financial assistance for Ukraine, according to Mr. Zelenskyy’s tweet.

President Biden told Mr. Zelenskyy that he was “exploring further macroeconomic support to help Ukraine’s economy” as it faces pressure from Russia’s military buildup, according to the White House.


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