Jetblue Is Cancelling Hundreds of Flights Through Mid-January in Anticipation of Additional Omicron Sick Calls.



  • About 1,280 flights will be cancelled between December 30 and January 13.
  • As of Christmas Eve, airlines have postponed or cancelled thousands of flights due to bad weather and an outbreak of Covid-19 among pilots.
  • This will help prevent last-minute cancellations, says JetBlue.

More than 1,280 flights have been cancelled or postponed by JetBlue Airways from Thursday through mid-January due to an increased risk of pilots and flight attendants contracting Covid-19.

based in the city of New York More than 4,000 flights have been cancelled by JetBlue and other airlines since Christmas Eve as a result of inclement weather and an increase in crew sick calls, according to the airline.

According to three JetBlue department leaders, “This past week has been one of our most difficult operating periods during the pandemic.” CNBC obtained a copy of the note. “The rapid increase in Omicron cases in just a few days is a level of growth that no one could reasonably have anticipated.”

Jetblue Is Cancelling Hundreds of Flights Through Mid-January in Anticipation of Additional Omicron Sick Calls.

Flights will be cancelled “to get even further ahead of the expected increase in Omicron cases,” according to the airline. JetBlue’s daily flight schedules will be reduced by less than 10% as a result of the planned flight cuts.

On Wednesday, JetBlue cancelled 104 flights or 10% of its planned itinerary.

As of Monday, the CDC’s recommended isolation time for people who have tested positive for Covid but have no symptoms has been reduced from ten to five days.

As omicron spread at a rapid rate, JetBlue was the second airline to urge the CDC to reduce its recommendation for initial isolation from seven days to five days last week. Airline companies all over the world began doing the same thing.

In response to the CDC’s announcement that employees can return to work after five days of being symptom-free, JetBlue revised its leave policies.

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There are hopes that new guidelines will help bring back staff faster, but “we know Omicron cases have yet to peak in the Northeast (and won’t for at least another week) where the vast majority of our Crewmembers are based,” according to a JetBlue department heads’ note.

According to the Association of Flight Attendants, the nation’s second-largest flight attendant union, stronger protocols, such as negative test results and 10 days of isolation for unvaccinated workers, are needed.

When infectious people are allowed back on the job or to fly as passengers again, it is the wrong move for aviation, according to Sara Nelson, the international president of the AFA, in a letter to airline CEOs on Wednesday.

Despite our union’s opposition to the updated guidance, we are prepared to work with airlines to implement the new rules in a manner that protects workers and provides clarity and confidence for our passengers.”

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