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Is It Possible to Have Both Medicare and Medicaid at the Same Time? | Check Now!


There are two main healthcare programmes available to Americans who lack insurance, but they are structured very differently.

Can I Have Both Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare and Medicaid both give low-cost or free healthcare to Americans who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Each programme has its healthcare programmes, but Medicare and Medicaid are wholly separate and are run by different corporations.

In some cases, you can be enrolled in both Medicare and Medicaid.

Dual eligibles are those who are insured by both Medicare and Medicaid and do not have to pay any out-of-pocket fees for their healthcare.

Dual eligibles make up nearly 20% of Medicare enrollees or 12.3 million people.

What Sets Medicare Apart From Medicaid?

While both programmes include health care, they differ significantly.

First, Medicare is administered by the federal government, which sets uniform rules for the programme across the country. However, each state manages its own Medicaid programme.

They also target different recipients with varying eligibility conditions.

Medicare is supposed to provide ‘care’ for persons aged 65 or older or disabled, regardless of income.

Medicare has set premium charges, but certain beneficiaries can obtain deductible and coinsurance benefits to lower their expenditures. Given the program’s purpose, Medicare tries to provide basic healthcare coverage, including medical services, hospitalisation, and some medical equipment. Part D covers some prescription medications.

For Low-income Americans Who Would Otherwise Struggle to Pay for Healthcare, Medicaid Is More Like a Financial ‘Aid’

The eligibility standards are based on income regardless of age. Medicaid is available to all Social Security supplementary beneficiaries.

Medicaid is designed to cover basic healthcare as well as long-term care for enrollees. Except for prescription drugs and dental treatment, Medicaid covers everything except medical equipment and prescription eyeglasses.

Medicaid coverage is more comprehensive, but other variables determine eligibility, and applications might take up to 60 days to be granted. Children of illegal immigrants may also be eligible provided they meet certain qualifications.

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