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Irs Seeks Nominations for 2023 Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council!


This week, the Internal Revenue Service announced that applications for the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council for 2023 are now being accepted. The deadline for applications is June 3, 2022.

The IRSAC functions as an advisory body to the IRS commissioner and provides an organized public forum for IRS personnel and members of the public to address important tax administration topics.

The advisory committee consists of the following individuals

  • who propose improvements to the Internal Revenue Service’s operations,
  • Makes administrative and policy recommendations to improve taxpayer service, compliance, and tax administration.
  • covers important data reporting difficulties,
  • relates to tax-exempt and government entities, as well as
  • represents the public’s impression of tax experts’ professional standards and best practices.

IRSAC members are appointed by the IRS commissioner for three-year terms and must make an annual report to the commissioner at a public meeting. Applications are being accepted now for terms beginning in January 2023.

Irs Seeks Nominations for 2023 Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council!

Individuals or groups may make nominations for qualified individuals. Members of the IRSAC come from a wide range of backgrounds, representing a cross-section of the taxpaying public with a wide range of experience in:

Individuals, small enterprises, and large, multi-national corporations can all benefit from our tax preparation services.

  • tax-exempt and government-owned businesses,
  • information gathering and reporting
  • Advocate for the taxpayer or the consumer.

The qualifications of the proposed member should be documented in the application. The IRSAC is looking for individuals who have experience and knowledge in the following areas:

Wages & Investments for Individuals

  • Knowledge of tax law application/preparation expertise, income tax difficulties involving refundable credits, the audit process, and/or how information returns are used and integrated for compliance are also desirable.
  • Experience with multilingual taxpayer communications, taxpayer advocacy, or contact center operations, marketing/applying industry benchmarks to operations with the tax software industry,

and/or the creation or use of diverse information returns used to report income, deductions, withholding, or other information for tax purposes

More Topics:

Self-Employed & Small Business

  • Knowledge of virtual currency/cryptocurrency and/or peer-to-peer payment applications is preferred.
  • Passthrough entities and/or fiduciary tax knowledge
  • Experience working with internet or digital firms, audit representation, and/or tax education
  • Collection tasks require a knowledge base and/or background.
  • Working in one or more underserved communities as a practitioner (e.g., where English is not the first language),
  • Knowledge about digitalization systems, tools, or processes, as well as
  • Marketing experience to aid in the development of concepts for improving the use of the IRS’s digital tools.

International & Big Business

  • Working in or for a large, sophisticated international firm as a certified public accountant or tax attorney and
  • Working in-house at a large firm on tax preparation for complicated entities, such as huge multinational firms and large partnerships.

Government Entities and Tax-Exempt Organizations

  • Extensive experience working with exempt organizations and
  • Employee benefit plans expertise.
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