Infamous Door to Sharon Tate’s Home, Site of Manson Family Murders Hits the Auction Block


This week, the front door of the house where Sharon Tate was brutally killed while pregnant and the word “pig” was cruelly engraved using her blood was put up for auction. In spite of having approximately five more weeks left on the market, the since-repainted cottage-style front door made its premiere at Julien’s Auction and has already attracted offers over $25,000.

The company claims that when Robert Byrd, an architect, finished building the historic Cielo Drive house in the Benedict Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles in 1944, the white door was an original component. Although many famous homeowners, including Cary Grant, Terry Melcher, and Candice Bergen, went by the nine-glass door, along with the European-style house, it is remembered as the scene of one of Hollywood’s most horrifying murders.

Tate, who was eight months pregnant, and her five companions were ambushed after just six months of living there with her husband, the filmmaker Roman Polanski. While Polanski was in London, four of Manson’s followers savagely tortured and slashed the actress and the four guests she had over for the evening. It’s likely that Manson believed the house belonged to a record producer who had previously disapproved of him.

Tate and her unborn child, her ex-fiancé and celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, Folger coffee heiress Abigail Folger and her boyfriend Wojciech Frykowski, and 18-year-old Steven Parent were all tragically killed that night, according to the auction listing. Frykowski used the door as a way out and was later found dead on the front lawn.

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The Sinister ‘PIG’ Marking and Its Link to Trent Reznor’s Haunted Mansion

Photo by: George Vreeland Hill via YouTube

Susan Atkins, a devotee, used Tate’s blood after the carnage to etch “PIG” on the front door. When Trent Reznor, the lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, rented the haunted mansion in 1992 to record his sophomore album, Downward Spiral, the door stayed linked to it for the ensuing decades.

Up until he spoke with Tate’s younger sister, Debra, who directly questioned him about whether he was residing there to capitalize on the actress’ passing, the singer lived and produced the album within the house. According to the auction website, Reznor left the house in December 1993 but kept the door as a memento and erected it in front of his Nothing Studios in New Orleans, Louisiana, where it stayed until the house was abandoned. After being destroyed in 1994, it’s possible that the door is the last piece of the infamous murder house still in existence.

The Full House creator Jeff Franklin lived in the stunning multi-million dollar mansion on the site for almost two decades. The Cielo Estate is also up for sale, much like the door itself, especially after lowering in price from $85 million to $59 million after being on the market for a year.

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Source: New York Post, Daily Mail

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