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In Peru, Two Firefighters Were Killed When a Jet Collided With an Airport Fire Truck


Friday, two Peruvian firefighters were killed when a passenger plane hit their truck as it was taking off and landed on the runway. This was according to the airport management.

The Lima-based airline LATAM, which ran the domestic flight, said that there were 102 people on board, but “neither passengers nor crew was killed.”

Witnesses took a video that was shown on Peruvian TV, which showed that the plane, an Airbus A320, took off at full speed and hit the fire truck, which was also going at full speed.

Even though its landing gear was broken, the jet kept going, leaving a trail of sparks as its right side dragged along the runway. When the plane stopped, it let out a cloud of smoke, and the back of the plane was badly burned.

Aurelio Orellana, a security officer, said that a rescuer who was in the firefighting vehicle was hurt in the accident and is “in serious condition due to head trauma.”

Lima Airport Partners (LAP), which runs the airport, said it was “deeply sorry” that two members of the LAP Aeronautical Fire Brigade had died in an accident involving a fire truck and a plane on flight LA2213 from Lima to Juliaca.

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LAP says, “Teams are giving all passengers the care they need, and they are all doing well.” “We are also looking into what happened to find out why it happened.”

Manuel van Oordt, the general manager of LATAM Peru, was surprised to see firefighters on the runway because the pilot of the plane had said nothing was wrong.

At a press conference, he said, “There was no emergency reported on the flight; it was a flight that was ready to take off; he had permission to take off, and he found a truck on the runway. We don’t know why the truck was there.”

The fire department in Lima says that they got a call at 3:25 p.m. local time (2025 GMT), and they sent out four ambulances and rescue vehicles. The office of the prosecutor said it would look into “possible crimes of culpable homicide and culpable injury.”

The management company says that activities at the airport have stopped “until further notice.” Last month, a LATAM plane with 48 people on board had to make an emergency landing in Asuncion, Paraguay, after going through a strong storm.

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