Illinois’ Top 4 Seafood Restaurants


Here is a list of four highly regarded seafood restaurants in Illinois for those who enjoy venturing out to try new places to eat on occasion.

Illinois’ Top 4 Seafood Restaurants

  • Peoria’s Bob Chinn’s Crab House
  • Wheeling’s Fish House
  •  Bob’s Crab House in Baltimore
  • Chicago’s Famous Two Fish Crab Shack
  • Madison’s Marko’s Fish Market

Do you agree that these Illinois eateries offer some of the best seafood in the country? Is there a particular one of these eateries that you’ve tried before? If you’ve eaten there before, how would you rank the quality of the meal and the overall service you received?

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Do you feel like you were treated well by the staff? Where does the environment stand? Do you think that individuals who live in the region should check out these eateries?

Feel free to share your genuine opinions in the space provided below, and don’t forget to recommend your go-to seafood restaurants so that others can enjoy them, too. If you happen to call Illinois home, we’d love to hear your suggestions for where to dine well while your time there.

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