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Iggy Azalea Sells 8-figure Catalogue: “I’ll Never Work Again”


Iggy Azalea said that she has sold her master recordings and publishing portfolio in a deal worth many millions of dollars. “A person close to the deal,” told Billboard on Monday (November 21) that Azalea’s deal with Domain Capital Group included all of the rapper’s holdings in her current catalog.

A “trigger” for future earnings on masters was also said to be part of the deal. The story says that the sale was for “eight figures,” but the real amount hasn’t been made public yet. Also, Azalea is the sole owner of her record label, Bad Dreams, which has a new distribution plan that is still being worked out.

Azalea replied to the catalog deal on Twitter, denying that it was like Taylor Swift’s controversial sale of her master recordings. The rapper said that Swift “did not benefit” from the deal. azalea said, “I sold a part of my catalog to anyone I wanted for enough money to make sure I never have to work again in my life.”

“I love you guys, but most of you don’t get what we’re talking about when we talk about the masters.” Another person asked the Australian artist why she decided to sell now, and she said, “I want to invest in a bigger business.”

In a separate tweet, Azalea said that she plans to “release a new project” in 2023. The End Of An Era, Azalea’s third and most recent studio album, came out in August 2021 via Bad Dreams/Empire.

She said right before the album came out that she would “take a few years” away from music to “work on other creative projects and things that inspire and excite me.” This summer, Iggy Azalea said that she would be back soon. She said on social media, “I’m coming back.” “It should make you cry.”

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