From Raffle to Riches: Widow Turns $31 Seaside Mansion into a $6M Showcase


Three months after winning a $6 million mansion for less than $50, a widowed grandmother has made the decision to list the opulent home for sale. June Smith, 74, of Essex, United Kingdom, entered the Omaze Million Pound House Draw in May of this year and won. In the seaside region of Cornwall, she acquired a sleek, three-story, six-bedroom home for herself.

The place came with no mortgage and was reported to be the largest housing prize ever awarded in a British drawing. All stamp duty and legal costs were also paid for. Additionally, Ms. Smith received $127,000 in cash to aid in her relocation. With three children and six grandchildren, Ms. Smith lost her husband of 42 years, Ron, last year when he had a heart attack at the age of 74.

She was stated to be unsure of what to do with the waterfront property at the time of the win because local estate agents estimated its value to be between $6,200 and $8,901 per month as a rental and up to $17,600 per week as a vacation rental in the height of the season.

Initially promising to retain the home for a while, Ms. Smith has listed the concrete and glass residence for sale just three months after receiving the keys. The house can be seen listed on the real estate website RightMove for ($5.7 million), which is the same amount which Ms. Smith won. JB Estates only conducts viewings by appointment, and the site’s mortgage calculator projects $33,000 in monthly payments over a 25-year period.

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Inside the Luxurious Cornish Mansion: Smith Family’s New Chapter

Photo by: Omaze / SWNS

The mansion is referred to in the listing as a striking, state-of-the-art waterfront mansion occupying an elevated position over the Fowey Estuary with unrestricted panoramic views. It is located in Cornwall and overlooks the Fowey Estuary. In addition to a modern kitchen, a chic dining room, its own mooring, and even a yoga studio at the end of the garden, it has a main sitting area with floor to ceiling glass windows that provide beautiful views of the estuary.

In order to assist her children and grandchildren with a new chapter in their lives, Ms. Smith claimed she sold the mansion. But after spending a holiday there with her family, she only made the decision to sell the dream home. The Daily Mail quoted her as saying, “Winning this property has been a fantastic experience. I still can’t believe it all actually happened to me, it still feels so strange.”

After achieving victory, Ms. Smith claimed her late husband would have absolutely loved the design of this house and will be looking down with an appreciative smile. Ron has always wanted his family to have financial security, and this house provides that assurance for us.

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Source: New York Post 

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