Freedom vs. Surveillance: The Dilemma of China’s Spying System


A video circulating on social media depicted the most recent tactic in China’s formalized system for population control: social credit. When the video’s volume is increased, a siren can be heard blaring.  

According to reports, the alert is triggered when someone with poor financial credit (a enormous social credit violation in China) calls you. The accompanying message purportedly warns, I mean “kindly asks,” you to persuade the other party to pay their obligations. 

Do you believe that such a scenario could never occur in the United States, and that only a communist party would use technology, coercion, and social pressure to conform behaviors and even take away your opportunities to build wealth? In contrast, you should reconsider your position. This social credit system modeled after China has already arrived in the United States.  

It may not be as formalized with numbers and letters, but the essence of social credit’s evolution coupled with technology and social acceptance keeps Americans within a stone’s throw of these outcomes.

Social credit evolves from cancel culture to an informal state-adjacent system to a full-fledged state-run system, similar to what the Chinese are constructing. 

These social credit initiatives threaten your liberties and wealth. They assault your social status and access, i.e. your opportunities to generate wealth. They pursue your means of subsistence, i.e., your path to fortune. And, most explicitly, they pursue your assets, which represent your literal fortune as well as your legacy and the future of your family. 

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Social Credit and COVID-19: A Tool for Enforcing Conformity and Shaming Dissenters

A video circulating on social media depicted the most recent tactic in China’s formalized system for population control: social credit. When the video’s volume is increased, a siren can be heard blaring.

During the COVID-19 era, these assaults facilitated by social credit were prevalent. You may have been derided on social media if you did not take the vaccine or if you did not wear a disguise.  

Your family was instructed to exclude you from Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. You were not permitted to enter a restaurant or partake in society once restaurants were mandated to open. It may not have been accompanied by a siren, but its intent was clear: to designate you as socially unacceptable.

The Biden administration issued an executive order that in some cases compelled and in others coerced businesses to terminate the employment of tens of thousands of individuals who did not comply with their vaccine mandates, despite the fact that many of them had been hailed as champions and essential employees only a few months prior.  

If you were in a discipline such as science or medicine and had ideas that contradicted the official narrative, the multitudes attempted to destroy your credibility and your job.  

If you were a podcaster who hosted divergent viewpoints, there was a movement to cancel you; see Joe Rogan, who faced a thankfully unsuccessful attempt to cancel him for hosting a variety of doctors and scientists with “alternative” viewpoints, many of which have since been proven to be accurate.  

In addition to attempting to terminate your employment, the state also attempted to stifle you. Recent information from Twitter and Meta/Facebook demonstrates that the government collaborated with these platforms to remove information and individuals that contradicted the narrative they were promoting.  

If you did not comply, your social credit would be affected. 

Let’s not forget that the government at the state and local level shut down roughly one-third of the economy, predominantly small businesses that were not affluent or well-connected, while their larger competitors, as well as weed and alcohol stores, in many cases remained open. 

To the north, the bank accounts of transporters participating in the Freedom Convoy were blocked, and the U.S.-based tech platform used to raise funds for them complied with the Canadian government’s request and removed the fundraiser.  

The replacement platform was compromised, and if you donated to the truckers, your identity was made public — a clear attempt to humiliate and torment you. 

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Beyond COVID: Deplatforming and Social Credit Impacting Users Worldwide

Outside of COVID-related issues, many U.S.-based and non-U.S.-based individuals have been deplatformed from a variety of platforms, ranging from social media to payment processors, due to insufficient social credit. 

When a social moral code replaces a legal code and obtains acceptance, it is only a matter of time before those in power attempt to use this dynamic to gain more power. 

This lays the groundwork for social conformance and social credit at the government/state level.  

Two stages are required for the formalization of this state’s social credit system. The first is gathering information about individuals. The second issue is the unchallenged use of information by those in authority. When both of these become simple to execute on a large scale, tyranny soon follows. 


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Source: Fox News

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