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Former Presidents of the United States React to Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine!


Except for former President Trump, all surviving former US presidents have condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Former presidents Bush and Clinton called the Kremlin’s attack “brazen,” “reckless,” “the gravest security crisis on the European continent since WWII,” and a “unjust assault on Ukraine’s sovereignty.” In a statement Thursday, President Biden described Putin’s strike as “premeditated.”

“Russia’s war on Ukraine is the most serious security problem in Europe since WWII,” former President George W. Bush remarked. “I deplore Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine.

The US government and people must stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in their quest for independence and self-determination. We cannot accept Putin’s totalitarian bullying and danger.”
For the Ukrainian people to choose sovereignty, self-determination and democracy was enough for Russia, according to former President Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama remarked that “for some time now, we’ve seen forces of divisiveness and authoritarianism gain ground throughout the globe,” attacking the ideas of democracy and self-determination. This hazardous tendency cannot be allowed uncontested, as seen by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Obama encouraged Americans of both parties to back Mr. Biden’s sanctions on Russia.

Critics say Obama mocked Mitt Romney for naming Russia the largest global danger in a 2012 presidential debate. As Obama put it back in 2008, the “1980s want their foreign policy back.”
Clinton said Putin’s “war of choice has undone 30 years of diplomacy and endangered millions of innocent lives.”

“The world will hold Russia economically and politically responsible for its flagrant disregard for international law. I stand with Ukrainians and wish for their safety “”Clinton”

Former US President Jimmy Carter stated Russia’s “unprovoked assault on Ukraine using military and cyber weapons breaches international law and the basic human rights of the Ukrainian people.”

This illegitimate attack on Ukrainian sovereignty threatens European and global security, thus I urge on President Putin to stop all military action and restore peace. In favour of the Ukrainian people’s right to peace, security, and self-determination.

Although he appeared on Fox News shortly after the invasion started, Trump has not made a public remark regarding Russia’s involvement in Ukraine.

The situation was “bad,” he claimed, but Putin “tried to do something and negotiate, and it became worse.”

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“Then he spotted the flaw. And it began, I believe, with Afghanistan’s vulnerability “Trump remarked, referring to the tumultuous US exit last August.

Before the attack, Trump dubbed Putin “very brilliant” for “taking over a nation for $2 worth of sanctions.”

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