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Filing an Extension for Your Tax Return With the IRS: Know Here if You Live in Texas.


Tax season is winding down, and some people may be discovering they need to request a tax return extension with the IRS. You may be able to avoid penalties by obtaining an extension.

To obtain the extension, there are a few actions to follow.

The deadline is generally April 15, but this year is different.

Because Emancipation Day falls on April 15 this year, the date is pushed back to April 18.

On April 15, all government offices in Washington, D.C. will be closed in observance of the holiday.

Maine and Massachusetts have until April 19 to submit their applications.

Because April 18 is Patriot’s Day in certain states, this is the case.

You have until April 18 to submit a request for a postponement.


The extension allows you to file your return before October 18, but you must still pay any taxes you owe if you owe.

Single filers can request an automatic extension through Free File.

You can also pay your projected income tax to demonstrate your need for an extension by paying your estimated income tax.

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Direct Pay, the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), or a credit or debit card can all be used.

Finally, you have the option of filing a paper form 4969 together with your expected payment.

You are not required to give a justification for your request for an extension.

The IRS will notify you if your request is denied.

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