Fantastic Pizza at These 4 Illinois Spots


Here’s a list of four of Illinois’ most celebrated pizzerias, open every day of the week and serving up nothing short of exquisite pies for pizza lovers across the state.

Fantastic Pizza at These 4 Illinois Spots

  • Chicago’s Vito & Nick’s Pizza
  • Located in Morton Grove, Illinois, Pequod’s Pizza is a local favourite.
  • Bloomington’s Flingers Pizza Pub
  • Located in the Countryside, Ledo’s Pizza

Do you agree that these Illinois pizzerias are the best in the country? Could you tell me if you’ve ever visited any of them before? If you’ve eaten there before, how would you rank the quality of the meal and the overall service you received? Do you feel like you were treated well by the staff?

Where does the environment stand? Do you think that individuals who live in the region should check out these eateries?

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Leave your real thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to recommend your favourite pizza places, so that other people can check them out the next time they’re in the neighbourhood.

If you happen to call Illinois home, please share your top restaurant ideas with us in the space provided below.

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