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Employers Are Starting to Fire Employees Who Refuse to Be Vaccinated | Must Know!


Vaccinate yourself or get new employment.

More firms are issuing an ultimatum to their employees requiring them to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination — and enforcing it. Thousands of unvaccinated workers are at risk of losing their employment at a number of significant companies, including numerous federal government agencies. Some staff has already been fired as a result of the situation.

Mayo Clinic, a renowned non-profit healthcare company, dismissed over 700 employees last week for failing to follow the organization’s immunization policy. According to the Mayo Clinic, around 1% of 73,000 employees were fired for failing to fulfill a vaccine deadline established last summer on Jan. 3.

Last November, United Airlines allegedly dismissed 232 vaccinated employees. Other large airlines promised to follow suit, although many have subsequently backed off.

Many businesses have enacted similar policies, threatening employees with escalating disciplinary consequences if they refuse to take the vaccination. Employee vaccination deadlines are approaching for Google and Citi (or Citigroup) this month, for example.

Employees of the internet giant have until January 18 to comply with the company’s immunization policy, according to an internal document seen by CNBC last month. If employees reject, they will be placed on paid administrative leave for 30 days, then unpaid personal leave for up to six months before being fired.

The memo was recognized by a Google official, but she declined to comment on it on the record. “We’re dedicated to doing everything we can to enable our workers who can be vaccinated to do so,” the firm stated in a statement to Money. “We have an accommodation mechanism for authorized exclusions.” “We are adamant about our immunization policy.”

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Workers at Citigroup (owner of Citibank) who do not get vaccinated by January 14 will be placed on unpaid leave immediately. According to Reuters, if they do not get vaccinated by the end of the month, they will be sacked.

Citigroup did not respond to a request for comment. Sara Wechter, the company’s head of HR, confirmed a vaccination requirement for all U.S. workers on LinkedIn.


Wechter added, “We have made the decision to demand fully vaccinated colleagues in the United States as a condition of employment.”

The federal government, which employs about 3.5 million people, is also starting to take action against workers who haven’t been completely vaccinated by President Biden’s deadline of Nov. 22, 2021.

This month, many government agencies are slated to begin penalizing unvaccinated employees. According to a story from The Hill, these agencies include the departments of Agriculture, Transportation, and Treasury, as well as the Social Security Administration, the General Services Administration, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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Unvaccinated government workers are “subject to discipline, up to and including termination or removal,” according to the General Services Administration (GSA). According to the GSA, the federal government takes many processes before discharging employees. First and foremost, government agencies are generally responsible for providing instruction and counseling. They then issue letters of reprimand, followed by a 14-day ban. If the workers have not been vaccinated after taking these precautions, they may be fired.

The great majority of employees at all of the firms indicated above have complied with immunization regulations. Those who refuse to be vaccinated, on the other hand, maybe place employers in a problem. Workers have greater clout as a result of a record number of job opportunities and the ongoing “Great Resignation.” Many companies are already dealing with workforce shortages, making determining how or not to implement vaccination obligations much more challenging.

Workers who are dismissed for failing to comply with vaccination regulations are seldom eligible for unemployment benefits, which serves as an extra incentive to comply.

However, a few states have made exceptions. In some cases, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, and Tennessee may provide unemployment compensation to persons who were dismissed for refusing to comply with vaccination mandates.

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President Biden’s vaccination requirement for firms with 100 or more employees was set to take effect on Monday, January 10. Workers might choose for weekly testing instead of the vaccination, but the mandate is now in legal uncertainty.

On Friday, the Supreme Court convened a special session to consider the legitimacy of Biden’s appointment. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the case.

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