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During a Party in Florida, a Woman Adds Alcohol to Her Baby’s Feeding Bottle and is Arrested


A 28-year-old woman has been accused of putting alcohol in a baby’s feeding bottle, which made the child sick. Cecil LaToya Bryant was arrested in Pensacola, Florida after it was confirmed that the baby’s blood alcohol level was.142.

WKRG says that the event happened at a Halloween party on October 31. When the party’s organizers heard what Bryant was said to have done, they called the police. She told the deputies that there were many people at the house for the party, including Bryant, and that some of them helped take care of the kids.

The woman also told the police that she had been cooking all night and that at some point she had gone to take a bath. The woman said that during this time, Bryant made feeding bottles for the children.

WEAR ABC 3 News says that when the woman fed the baby later, she smelled watermelon coming from the baby’s mouth. The complaint says that when she looked at what was in the bottle, she found that it “smelled like watermelon alcohol.”

After taking a sip, the woman said it tasted like watermelon Smirnoff. She also saw the child get sick, fall asleep and wake up, and throw up after drinking the contents of the bottle.

On November 1, deputies were told about a possible case of child abuse and went to look into it. An investigator from the Department of Children and Family Services who went to the scene said that the baby’s blood alcohol level was.142.

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Surveillance footage from the living room shows that Bryant came back from the kitchen with a baby bottle. She was seen “shaking a liquid in the bottle as if to mix formula,” according to the police report.

Bryant then gave the bottle to the baby’s mother, who fed the baby just before the news spread. The bottle in question was also looked at by deputies, who found that it “gave off a watermelon alcohol smell.”

After getting the blood toxicology test result.142, the nurse called Poison Control to find out what level of blood alcohol is dangerous for the baby. The nurse said that a teenager’s blood alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.75 is dangerous.

The victim’s blood alcohol level was.142, so the nurse reported to the deputies and told them that the person was at risk of being poisoned badly. The child’s ability to breathe and mental health could have been hurt, the nurse said.

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