Drivers’ Safety: the Brutal Murder of a Texas Girl Isn’t Fedex’s First Scandal


A Texas neighbourhood is in mourning after a 7-year-old child was kidnapped and murdered, allegedly by a contract FedEx driver who confessed to the crimes.

Authority investigated other situations in which Americans were victims of crimes committed directly on their doorsteps, allegedly by delivery drivers, and what protections are done when drivers are hired.

“Athena Presley Monroe Strand is her given name. She was flawless from the start. She was born flawless and stunning “Maitlyn Gandy, Athena Strand’s mother, stated on Facebook this week.

“Nobody, especially you, deserves what happened to you. I adore you, and love is insufficient. Mommy is distraught without you, “The mother went on.

Strand went missing from her house on November 30. Her stepmother reported her missing the same day, and her body was discovered two days later along the Trinity River in the town of Paradise, about seven miles from her home.

Tanner Lynn Horner, 31, a FedEx contract worker, was arrested in connection with the murder. He had made a delivery to the home around the time Strand went missing, and authorities believe he kidnapped her from the family’s driveway.

According to authorities, Horner eventually confessed to abducting and killing the girl. He is being imprisoned without bail on allegations of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping.

The horrific tragedy shocked the town, which has conducted a number of memorial ceremonies for the girl. FedEx also stated that they were at a loss for words to express their shock at her demise.

“During this difficult moment, our thoughts are with Athena Strand’s family. Words cannot explain how shocked and saddened we are by this horrible accident, and we continue to fully cooperate with the investigating authorities “According to a statement sent by FedEx.

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FedEx has recently come under fire for other delivery drivers allegedly committing crimes.

Gregory Thomas Bufkin, a FedEx driver accused of burglarizing at least 12 residences, was detained by a North Carolina sheriff’s office in December. According to local media accounts, he was found guilty this year.

Last year, a FedEx driver from Connecticut called Tyrek Herbert was arrested after reportedly forcing his way into a woman’s home and holding her and her children at gunpoint before leaving.

According to the arrest warrant obtained by CT Post, Herbert introduced himself to the victim as a FedEx driver the day before the incident.

FedEx Driver Charged in Kidnapping and Killing of Girl, 7, Officials Say -  The New York Times

Herbert was also accused of raping a Sacred Heart College student just weeks after allegedly holding the mother and children at gunpoint.

Another FedEx driver from Poughkeepsie, New York, was accused of raping multiple minors in the back of the company’s vehicle last year.

He was detained and accused of rape, criminal sexual conduct, and transmitting indecent material to a juvenile last August.

A FedEx carrier from central New York was arrested and charged with murder this year when a 74-year-old lady was discovered dead in her burned-down home in Ephratah.

Suspect Anthony L. Dotson Jr., 24, worked as a FedEx delivery driver in the region and was apprehended in August, approximately three months after the victim died.

In November, a grand jury indicted him on charges of second-degree murder, first-degree assault, first-degree arson, second-degree strangling, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

FedEx has been under increasing criticism after Strand’s death this year. contacted the company to inquire about driver hiring processes.

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“FedEx Ground contracts for transportation, pickup, and delivery services with over 6,000 independent businesses that are committed to providing great package pickup and delivery services utilising their own employees,” according to a FedEx representative.

According to the spokeswoman, the hired personnel are subject to criminal background checks.

“Employees of service provider organisations are subjected to a criminal history background check as part of the eligibility process, as is customary across the industry and considered normal practise.

If we become aware of any illicit conduct within our network, we investigate and respond quickly, including cooperating with law enforcement.”

it questioned whether the same network of service providers employs seasonal labour during the hectic holiday season. FedEx stated that it “employs drivers, assistants, managers, and other staff and retains sole control over all hiring choices,” including seasonal workers.

The number of FedEx contract drivers engaged for the 2022 Christmas season is unknown, with a representative stating that the firm does not give such statistics.

FedEx Corp. announced in September that it planned to hire an additional 90,000 workers “ahead of the busy peak season.” However, not all of the openings were for delivery employment.

According to the spokesman, seasonal “resources are also subject to a criminal history background check as part of the driver eligibility procedure.”

When considering how many deliveries FedEx delivers each day, the many catastrophes purportedly committed by FedEx drivers are likewise extremely infrequent.

According to a recent Statista analysis, FedEx Ground delivered an expected 9.9 million parcels per day during the fiscal year 2022.

Other FedEx drivers have been victims of crimes while on the job, including one earlier this year in Philadelphia who was allegedly held at gunpoint, tied up, and robbed of parcels on the truck.

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