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Despite the Storm, Chicago Public Schools Will Be Open Thursday| Complete Info!


It’s been an eventful few days in the Windy City, with the city’s mayor, Rahm E Chicago Public Schools, in contrast to other local school districts, did not implement a remote-only day on Wednesday ahead of the snowstorm that hit the city.

According to a statement sent by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) late Wednesday night, all schools will reopen as usual on Thursday.

CPS can’t just transition to remote learning overnight, according to CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov, who reported on the issue Wednesday. Even on days like Wednesday, when there was a lot of snow, traveling to and from school was difficult.

As a result of this, several parents were wondering why there wasn’t an option for remote learning.

The snow had been falling steadily all day outside Peter A. Reinberg Elementary School, located at 3425 N. Major Ave. in Portage Park. The neighboring side streets were dangerous as well. Traveling by foot, automobile, or bus was a chore.

Even the plows near a few schools tried to keep up.

Saying “I sped through the stop sign,” Maria Garcia said.

At an earlier hour, than she had planned, Garcia set out to pick up her children. Some parents, like her, were angry when they received the official “no snow day” call from CPS at 6 a.m., signifying that every one of the district’s 600+ schools was open as usual.

 Chicago Public

Social media users queried why the school system didn’t allow children, parents, and teachers to work remotely for the entire day. As a volunteer for COVID testing in schools, Viola Nicholson was one of them.

E-learning, Nicholson instructed.

Schools were asked Tuesday afternoon if they could distribute Chromebooks for prospective remote learning that afternoon in an email received by the district.

Because not every CPS student has a district-issued computer anymore, according to the administration, this isn’t possible. After a long period of remote learning because of COVID-19, this came to an end at certain schools when students returned in person the following fall.

A lack of Chromebooks or a choice of Chromebooks among schools could be to blame. It is impossible to issue them at the last minute, even if they are available, because of the lengthy nature of the process.

That location should be distant because of the weather and COVID, Garcia said.

A CPS representative stated that the district cannot go all-remote by law since it does not have a state-approved e-learning plan. Many families lack stable internet connectivity, which is why CPS has not presented a plan.

It’s not known how many. Garcia, on the other hand, announced that she would not be sending her children to school on Thursday.

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Any intentions to submit an e-learning plan to the state Board of Education within the next few months? The CPS representative stated that it isn’t likely to happen soon, but it is being looked into.

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