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Democrats, According to Biden, Will Be Unable to Enact Abortion-rights Legislation


Monday, President Joe Biden said that he doesn’t think Democrats will have enough votes in Congress to pass a law that makes Roe v. Wade law.

During a news conference in Bali, Indonesia, Biden was asked what Americans could expect Congress to do about abortion access. He said, “I don’t think they can expect anything other than us to stay where we are.”

Biden added, “I don’t think there are enough votes to codify unless something extraordinary happens in the House.” He also said, “I think we’ll get pretty close in the House.” “But I don’t think we’ll get there.”

As more votes are counted from the midterm elections, it’s still not clear who will control the House. Republicans are still the favorites, but only by a small margin.

The Senate is still controlled by the Democrats, but for legislation to pass, there would almost certainly need to be 60 votes, which would mean support from about 10 Republicans.

According to exit polls, abortion was a big reason why people voted in this election. Even though Democrats did well in the midterm elections, Biden’s comments on Monday show how limited his policy agenda will be once he has to deal with a likely split Congress.

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Biden said at a news conference that the midterm elections showed “the strength and resilience of American democracy” because voters “strongly rejected election deniers at every level.”

Biden added, “These elections showed that the United States is deeply and firmly committed to preserving, protecting, and defending democracy.”

Biden is in Europe for several international meetings. He went to the UN climate change summit in Egypt last week and is now in Bali for the annual meeting of the Group of 20 rich and poor countries.

During his tour, Biden said, “It was clear how closely the world, our allies, and our competitors were watching our domestic elections.”

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