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Covid: What Exactly Happen in Hospitals, Soldiers Are Refusing to Wear Masks, While Students Refuse to Do So


If you want to stay healthy, there are five things you need to know. The next update will be out this evening, and we’ll let you know.

1. Hospitals are supported by military medics.

To fill staffing gaps, the Armed Forces are sending 200 troops to hospitals around London, including 40 defense medics and 160 general duty personnel. Thousands of NHS workers are unwell or on leave, and 4,000 patients with coronavirus are being treated at London’s hospitals. As of Thursday afternoon, 17 hospital trusts in England were experiencing catastrophic events, which means they may be unable to offer essential services like emergency treatment.

2. Concerns about students’ mask refusals

As they return to school in England, some older students are refusing to take lateral flow examinations and wearing facial covers in classes, according to parents and other students. Despite the fact that wearing a mask isn’t required, organizations are concerned about the impact on disadvantaged kids. Masks, according to some parents, have an influence on their children’s learning. According to the government, schools “may decide how best to encourage” students to follow the test and hide suggestions.

Soldiers Are Refusing to Wear Masks

3. ‘Anti-vaxxers believe I lied about getting Covid.’

Henry Dyne, 29, was bombarded with online hatred after being featured in a BBC News program getting medical treatment for Covid. Anti-vaxxers accused him of being a “crisis actor,” a phrase coined by conspiracy theorists to describe someone recruited by the government or the media to play out a disaster. It was nonsense, but as Henry argues, attempting to downplay the charges simply helped to exacerbate the assault.

4. Despite an internet windfall, a £102 million sabbatical for a bookmaker

Despite quick development in internet betting covering all costs from shop closures, bookmaker Ladbrokes claimed £102 million from the furlough plan. Entertain, the parent firm has actually gained sales since the epidemic began, because of strong internet growth. The money “saved 14,000 employment,” according to the business, and is “under evaluation.”

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5. A letter to cheer everyone up…

As a method of easing the pressure of the epidemic, many of us have taken up new hobbies. Feargal Lynn was composing letters at the time. And the one he got in return not only cheered him up but also made his local postal employees giggle. Here’s how a letter with no address but a 57-word biography about Feargal, referring to him as “mates with the man who operates the butchers,” ended up in the correct hands.

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