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Covid-19 Update: 311 New Cases and 2 Deaths on the Cape and Islands


The state Department of Public Health said Thursday that there were 7,408 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Massachusetts. This brings the total number of cases since the pandemic began to 1,902,403.

In their weekly report, state officials also said that 969 new possible coronavirus cases brought the total number of cases in the state to 175,822.

As of October 18, 868 people have been hospitalized with COVID-19. The state office says that 253 of these patients were admitted because of health problems caused by COVID-19.

34 people had tubes put in their airways, and 85 people were in intensive care units.

How Many Covid-19 Cases Are There on the Cape and Islands?

Since the outbreak started, there have been 45,113 new cases of coronavirus in Barnstable County, for a total of 287. Dukes County, which is home to Martha’s Vineyard, has seen 4,188 cases of coronavirus so far. The total number of cases in Nantucket County is now 3,757.

Last week’s numbers showed that there were 357 more Cape and Islands cases.

State optimism rate: 7.85%. The 14-day rate of positivity in Barnstable County was 10.77%, while the rate in Dukes and Nantucket was 6.1%.

Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis treated 17 people with coronavirus, but none of them were in ICU. There are 8 people in Falmouth Hospital, but none are in the ICU. No one was in the hospital. No one in the hospital had the coronavirus.

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On Thursday, state health officials said that 58 more people had died from COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths from the virus to 20,459.

24 COVID- Statewide, there were 19 deaths. There are likely 1,464 deaths in Massachusetts.

Two people died in Barnstable County. There were 662 COVID-19 deaths in Barnstable County. There were no more deaths in Dukes and Nantucket counties, so the total number of deaths since March 2020 is 22.

What is the Covid-19 Number in Your Area?

Following are Cape Cod municipalities’ two-week COVID-19 case count, overall case count, and 14-day test positivity rate:

Barnstable (139; 11,561; 11.16%); Bourne (38; 4,271; 6.87%); Brewster (14; 1,756; 5.03%); Chatham (16; 1,061; 10.5%); Dennis (58; 2,824; 14.62%); Eastham (15; 623; 11.49%); Falmouth (104; 5,622; 11.6%); Harwich (34; 2,521; 11.9%); Mashpee (43; 3,129; 10.43%); Orleans (23; 961; 12.82%): Provincetown (less than five; 490; 5.63%); Sandwich (72; 4,265; 13.16%); Truro (less than five; 208; 6.06%); Wellfleet (less than five; 332; 4.55%) and Yarmouth (75; 5,489; 11.15%).

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