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Covid-19 Is a Virus That Pelosi Has Tested Positive for!


Nancy Pelosi’s office stated Thursday morning that she tested positive for COVID-19 and is now quarantined.

On Wednesday, Deputy Chief of Staff Drew Hammill reported that Speaker Pelosi has been diagnosed with influenza, but that she has not shown any symptoms of the illness.

Since last week, Speaker Pelosi has been diagnosed with COVID-19, despite having previously tested negative for the virus. According to a tweet from Hammill, “The Speaker is grateful for the strong protection afforded by the vaccine.”

According to the speaker, “The Speaker will quarantine in accordance with the CDC’s advice, and encourages everyone to get vaccinated, bolstered and tested.”

For the signing of a postal service reform law, Pelosi joined Vice President Biden in the Oval Office on Wednesday. Even though the announcement occurred just before Pelosi was supposed to speak at the Capitol for her weekly press conference,

the gathering media scrambled for information. This morning’s press conference was abruptly called off.

While Congress prepares to leave Washington for an 18-day recess, the House is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Several politicians, including Pelosi, have allegedly planned to travel to Taiwan on Sunday, a journey that has sparked warnings of punishment from the Chinese government.

No word from Pelosi’s office, but Hammill stated on Thursday that the trip to Asia had been postponed until “an indefinite date.”

As the omicron version of COVID-19 continues to decline in the United States, Democrats have shifted away from promoting severe COVID-19 public health precautions for the past two years.

Covid-19 Is a Virus

Pelosi recently eased the mask mandates throughout the Capitol building, while Biden plans to eliminate controversial emergency immigration restrictions put in place by his predecessor.

According to House Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Pete Aguilar (Calif.), the decision to loosen border regulations simply reflects the fact that “the fundamental health circumstances in this country have changed.”

“We can’t pick and choose which refugees and asylum seekers come to our nation, whether they are Central American or Ukrainian,” Aguilar said earlier this week, according to Reuters.

As a result, we’re working with the administration, and the administration has indicated that they have plans to address this. This pandemic is over, however.

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It’s apparent that the pandemic is far from done. There have been many high-profile cases of COVID-19 contamination since the weekend’s Gridiron Dinner, which was attended by Vice President Joe Biden and several of his Cabinet secretaries.

And Democratic leaders are pushing hard for billions of dollars more in pandemic relief to bolster testing, vaccines, and other preventative measures – a bill that stalled in the Senate on Wednesday due to Republican resistance to easing migration restrictions at the southern border.

‘This pandemic is not finished,’ House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) warned reporters on Tuesday. “We’re still having people die, and we’re still having people get sick…………. When it comes to helping others, “we can’t take our eyes off the ball,” he said.

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