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Court Orders Protestors’ Horns to Be Silenced| Complete Info!


On the 7th of February, Reuters reports from Ottawa. In a raid to end an 11-day demonstration over COVID-19 regulations, police in Canada’s capital claimed Monday that they had confiscated thousands of gallons of petroleum and removed an oil tanker. Truck and protester numbers had also decreased dramatically.

Ottawa has been paralyzed by the protests, which have been mostly nonviolent. However, because of the protestors’ ear-splitting horn blaring, a judge granted an interim order on Monday prohibiting individuals from sounding horns in downtown Ottawa.

Since its inception as a protest against a Canadian vaccination requirement for cross-border drivers — which was later adopted by the United States — the “Freedom Convoy” of truckers and other motorists has evolved into a rallying cry against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s public health efforts.

On Monday, for the first time in over a week, Justin Trudeau emerged in public, saying that the protests must end. Trudeau slammed the methods employed by protesters during an emergency discussion in the House of Commons.

A few people flashing swastikas and yelling do not characterize who Canadians are, he added. “Terrible is a narrative of a country that came through this pandemic by being unified.”

As the caravan approached Ottawa, Trudeau and his family were forced to flee to a hidden location for their own safety. Some Confederate and Nazi flags were shown at the demonstrations last week.

Nearly 79 percent of the eligible population has received both doses of the vaccine, mostly as a result of the government’s health policies. There has been an increase in public dissatisfaction with limits, though, according to recent surveys.

A week into what the city’s political and law enforcement authorities are now describing as a siege, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said Monday that activity at the blockades has declined. Compared to the previous weekend, police recorded 1,000 trucks and 5,000 demonstrators this weekend, down from 3,000 trucks and 10,000 to 15,000 protesters, Slowly said.

A few days after stating that the occupation’s “policing solution” may not exist, Slowly told reporters, “We are cranking up the heat in every manner we possibly can.” “In the next 72 hours, we need a massive influx of resources.”

In Ottawa’s downtown, a Canadian judge issued a 10-day order prohibiting the blowing of horns. A class-action lawsuit initiated on behalf of downtown Ottawa residents, some of whom have expressed fear for their safety in their own neighborhood, resulted in the injunction at issue here.

Court Orders
Court Orders

Late on February 7, the Canadian government announced that the Ambassador Bridge, a key transportation bridge linking Canada and the United States, had been temporarily blocked in both directions. In terms of international traffic, the Windsor-Detroit border is the busiest in all of North America.

There is a term for this: “PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE.”

Councilors heard from Deputy Chief of Police Steve Bell on Monday about “active threats to public figures during this occupation” that his department is still looking into.

Many officers from other law enforcement agencies have assisted Ottawa police, but some believe it’s not enough. In a letter to Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino on Monday, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson requested more police officers for the city.

Our neighborhoods have been taken over by a violent and ugly occupation, according to his letter. “People are afraid and living in terror.” It was “tantamount to psychological warfare,” he said of the honking.

Campfire smoke-filled Metcalfe Street in Ottawa’s downtown, which is home to both Canada’s parliament and central bank as well as several other notable structures such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office. Many of the vehicles gathered there sported banners mocking everything from vaccinations and government regulations to Canada’s carbon pricing.

A poster of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which protects citizens’ rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness within “reasonable boundaries,” was displayed on one of the signs.

It is time for the prime minister to “stop hiding,” he says.

Food and drink were served in white tents with open-sided white sides and tables of food.

Residents appeared to be opposed to the plan as well. An apartment building a few blocks distant had little placards on the ground-floor windows reading “GO HOME MORONS,” and “VACCINES SAVE LIVES.”

“We can’t let a vengeful mob undo the progress we’ve made thus far in saving lives. This should not serve as a model for how Canada should approach policymaking “The statement was made by Mendicino to journalists on Monday.

At neither the news conference nor the parliament’s question session, Trudeau was present.

Candice Bergen, interim leader of the Conservative Party and a supporter of the demonstrations, asked the House of Commons: “When will the prime minister stop hiding, stand up for Canadians, show some leadership and address the disaster that he’s created?”

After the mayor of the city announced a state of emergency on Sunday, police began removing gas and fuel supplies from a protest camp on Monday night.

In addition to portable saunas, a community kitchen, and bouncy castles for children, a well-coordinated supply system has kept the demonstrators fed. A portion of its money comes from American sympathizers, according to investigators.

Truckers have been hailed by former President Trump and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

In other major Canadian cities, notably the financial hub Toronto, rallies over the weekend drew countermarches, which were greeted with violence.

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Anilkumar Radhika and Anna Mehler-Paperny in Ottawa contributed additional reporting. Denny Thomas penned the article, which was edited by Andrea Ricci, Lisa Shumaker, and Michael Perry.

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