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Corey Gamble Claims He Witnessed Blac Chyna Hitting and Whipping Rob Kardashian!


It’s been six years since Corey Gamble says he saw Blac Chyna attack Rob Kardashian and whip him with an iPhone cord while threatening to murder the reality TV star, according to Corey.

It was soon after dawn on Dec. 15, 2016, when Kris Jenner’s longtime boyfriend hurried to Kylie Jenner’s residence where Rob and Chyna had been staying and witnessed an altercation.

In the house, Gamble claimed to have seen Rob, 35, standing in front of the bedroom door with a rod in his hand and Chyna, 33; both were red in the face and neck as if they had been involved in some kind of physical conflict.

She dropped the two or three-foot rod she had in her hand and grabbed up a long phone cable from the floor as soon as she saw him enter the room, according to Gamble.

Gamble narrated how she “started whipping it” at him. ‘She started striking Rob, and I stepped in the middle and got hit too,’ she said. The only way [Rob] could leave the house and grab his possessions was if I could get her attention. She had a strong odour of alcohol about her.”

It was “a mess,” as Gamble put it, with Christmas decorations strewn about and a smashed gingerbread house in the middle of the floor.

Corey Gamble Claims He Witnessed Blac Chyna Hitting and Whipping Rob Kardashian! (1)

He said Gamble’s automobile blocked Rob’s exit as soon as Rob got his money and keys out of his bedroom, so he went out the front door and tried to leave.

Chyna allegedly picked up a patio chair and threw it at Rob’s car at this time, Gamble said, according to TMZ.

According to Gamble, Chyna then began to abuse Rob.

By the time Gamble got to him, Gamble had already leapt on the back of his head and hit him in the back. Despite her best efforts, Rob was already in his car when she tried to toss the table at him.

For a few minutes, Gamble claims he was there to ensure that Chyna did not jump in her car and follow Rob.

It was clear that she didn’t like him, and when Gamble enquired about it, she exclaimed, “I despise him!” This “fat guy” wouldn’t be a part of her family, so why would she like him?

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Chyna is suing Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Khloé Kardashian for defamation and interference with her contract for the second season of her show “Rob & Chyna.” Gamble was asked to testify on their behalf.

According to Chyna, she lost more than $100 million in potential profits and other revenue because of the family’s influence on the network executives.

Gamble, 41, looked at the jurors and added, “I grew up around that sort of behaviour. As a result, I informed [Rob] that this was not going to end. Clearly, this was not something with which he wanted to be associated.

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