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China Warns That the United States Will Pay a “Unbearable Price” for Its Actions on Taiwan.

China warns that the United States will pay a "unbearable price" for its actions on Taiwan.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned on Thursday that the United States would “pay an unbearable price” for its actions toward Taiwan’s self-rule.

Human rights, trade, and technological competition have become major flashpoints in China-US relations in the last few years.

Chinese officials have stated that they will seize the democratic island of Taiwan by force if necessary.

Taipei, which China dislikes, has strong unofficial ties despite the majority of countries choosing Beijing as their official capital.

On Thursday night, Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave an interview to CCTV and the official news agency Xinhua in which he warned that the United States’ interference could lead to a dangerous situation.

‘Taiwan independence’ forces were condoned and encouraged by the United States, who also tried to distort and hollow out the one-China principle,’ Wang Yi said in a statement.

As a result of this, Taiwan will be placed in an extremely precarious position and the United States will be forced to pay an enormous price.

The U.S. invited Taiwan to its Democracy Summit earlier this month, an apparent jab at China.

President Joe Biden called Taiwan “independent” earlier this month, but he later clarified his remarks to confirm that US policy toward Taiwan had not changed.

However, even though the United States does not recognize Taiwan’s independence, the Taiwan Act mandates that the country aid the island nation’s defense efforts.


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Taipei has repeatedly threatened countries that support its right to self-determination with consequences if it makes a formal declaration of its “independence.”

Following a visit by a delegation of US lawmakers to China last month, the Chinese military has conducted a series of increasingly aggressive sea and air operations near the island.

Recent years have seen a significant increase in China’s efforts to isolate Taiwan from the world.

Nicaragua’s diplomatic allegiance to China was announced earlier this month, a blow to Taiwan, which now has only 14 remaining allies worldwide.

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