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Checks for Stimulus: These Are the States That Are Still Providing Money to the Federal Government!


The White House has made it clear that it has no plans to continue distributing stimulus money in the near future.

According to Commonwealth Financial Network’s chief investment officer, Brad McMillan, “a driver of inflation has been an expansion of demand fuelled by federal stimulus.”

The fact that local governments are disseminating detailed plans to give citizens a fourth stimulus check should not be overlooked, however.

Several states are stepping up to provide more financial assistance. As a result, not everyone will be able to take advantage of local aid.

Counties that have received Stimulus payments

Over $2 billion was invested in a programme called the Excluded Workers Fund in New York City.

Undocumented workers who were unable to collect government stimulus payments will benefit from the approved proposal.

Those who make less than $26,208 in 2020 can benefit from the programme. In the year 2022, the state of New York will make more modifications to the programme.

Providing Money to the Federal Government

citizens of Idaho will receive a $75 tax credit for themselves and any dependents they may have.

Georgia: Residents of Georgia who submitted tax returns for the years 2021 and 2020 will receive additional tax credits.

Indiana: The state legislature approved a $125 tax refund for all 2021 tax filers.

New Mexico: For single filers with an annual income of $75,000, New Mexico will grant $250. For joint filers earning $150,000, the fee is $500.

Taxes on gasoline in Connecticut were postponed until June 30, 2022

Gas taxes in Maryland have been delayed until April 18, 2022, as of this writing.

More Updates:

With record-high inflation and soaring gas costs due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Maine Governor Janet Mills intends to issue “relief checks to Maine people to $850.”

Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey passed a budget measure that will provide up to $500 to almost 1 million families as a one-time payment.

A bill granting aid is now being considered in which states?

  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Minnesota
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