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Certain people will get monthly payments of $600-$1,200 from California’s Guaranteed Income Programs.


On Monday, the California Department of Social Services in Los Angeles said that more than $25 million will be given to seven programs that guarantee income. The programs of state-funded pilot will help and serve about 1,975 people in California. They will get payments every month that range from $600 to $1,200. The CDSS says that it will last between 12 and 18 months.

The California Guaranteed Income Pilot Program was made by Governor Gavin Newsom and the Legislature. It gives money to qualified organizations so they can build pilot projects and programs that give participants a guaranteed income. CDSS has put funding pilots at the top of its list of priorities. These pilots will help the people and residents of California. Foster care is given to people who are old or getting old, as well as to women who are pregnant.

Kim Johnson, head of the CDSS, told “We’re very happy to start and announce these great pilot projects all over California. Also, I’d like to thank the legislature and governor for making another great investment in California’s fight against poverty that will go down in history. The report says, “These pilots will be an important way to study the effects of an economic intervention during major life transitions, such as having a child or becoming independent after a long time in foster care.”

CDSS said that a resident’s eligibility for other safety net benefits may be affected by their guaranteed income. The CDSS has set up a way to review the income exemption for the demonstration project. This process is based on requests from cities, counties, and other local governments in California. Trying to reduce poverty by running projects and pilots of guaranteed income in different places.


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