California EBT Fraud Costs Millions of Dollars, Low-Income Residents and Taxpayers Affected

EBT theft is a growing financial crime in California that harms both taxpayers and low-income families. Electronic Benefits Transfer is referred to as EBT. Low-income Californians participating in CalFresh and/or CalWORKs receive their monthly stipend in this manner. According to data received by ABC10 on Tuesday from the California Department of Social Services, fraudsters are…

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September CalFresh Recertification Deadline: Secure Your Benefits for the Month Ahead

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), often known as the CalFresh program, is a state-run program that provides financial assistance to low-income families in the US state of California. Due to the higher cost of these sorts of goods, this program offers families advantages they can use to buy healthy groceries. There is a list…

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Nashville’s Short-Term Rental Policy Under Review Alongside Noise Ordinance

Nashville, Tennessee, may eventually implement laws governing short-term rental homes, following New York City and other municipalities.  Because of problems with short-term rentals, the city is currently assessing the steps taken to resolve noise complaints in its downtown region. An ordinance put forth by Metro Councilman Jeff Syracuse to lower noise levels and improve public…

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