Callie Clemens’ Sewer Rescue of Texas Strays


Sunday, the ex-wife of the son of former Yankee ace pitcher Roger Clemens revealed to The Post that she had crawled through filthy, cockroach-infested drain pipelines in Houston to save a litter of abandoned puppies.

On Wednesday, Callie Clemens, 35, and her dog Giselle led a small group of volunteers through the treacherous storm sewers of the Texas city after receiving reports of puppies whimpering underground. The 5-foot-tall animal-lover has already rescued two black Labrador-mutt puppies — one on Wednesday and another on Thursday, because she is able to fit through the system’s 24-inch openings, unlike other would-be animal rescuers, including city employees with Houston’s 311 system.

“I saw two puppies down there,” Callie told The Post over the phone as she prepared to re-enter the city’s dank underground for the fifth day to recommence the search for a puppy she believes is still missing. Callie, who is in the midst of a divorce with Roger Clemens’ son Koby Clemens, said, “I’m not stopping. I’ve already told my mother, ‘I think I’m going to keep this dog if I find it.’ I’m so invested.”

She added, The ASPCA took the female, and the male went to the shelter, where he desperately needs a home. The Clemens in-law, who founded the non-profit Paws Off the Street, estimated that she had spent eight hours underground and at least twenty hours above ground conducting reconnaissance over the past four days.

She stated that two other volunteers have occasionally accompanied her underground, while others have kept watch on the street and tracked her movements with her smart watch. Houston is so bad that 311 and animal control have rules prohibiting us from entering the tunnels, and 311 officers cannot fit inside, she said.

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ASPCA’s Hour of Calls and Citizen-Led Rescue Efforts with Engineer’s Aid 

Photo by: KHOU 11 via YouTube

The ASPCA receives so many calls that they can only stay for an hour, leaving the citizen, the little guy, to handle the situation. The city’s engineers provided Callie with a map of the system, which she said was of some assistance to the rescue operation.  The situation exemplifies the epidemic of stray animals in the largest metropolis in Texas, according to animal advocates.

According to the documentary For the Animals, approximately one million stray canines and cats are roaming the streets of Houston, many of which have been abused and abandoned. The lack of mandatory spay-neuter laws in the 2,2 million-person city exacerbates the problem, experts say. Koby Clemens, the estranged spouse of Callie, is the eldest son of Roger and played minor league baseball.

His controversial father, widely regarded as one of the greatest pitchers in Major League Baseball history, spent the majority of his legendary career with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, but was not inducted into the Hall of Fame due to his notorious steroid abuse.

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Source: New York Post, Newsbreak

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