Bronx Gang Convicted: $3M Robbery Spree Ends with 6 Convictions


Six Bronx residents were sentenced for stealing more than $3 million in cash, vehicles, and merchandise from 11 New York counties. According to New York State Attorney General Letitia James, Willie Baines, Josepher Cartagena, Brandon Collazo-Rivera, Justin Herrera, Douglas Noble, and Alexander Santiago were convicted of felony grand larceny and felony burglary on Friday morning. These thieves left a wake of shattered glass, destroyed businesses, and dangerous high-speed pursuits. 

The Attorney General’s office disclosed that the unit was involved in over 200 commercial burglaries in downstate New York, as well as a few in Connecticut and New Jersey. At least 54 vehicles were stolen, and other businesses, predominantly ATM and cell phone stores, were targeted for merchandise and cash. The six individuals targeted the following New York counties: Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings, Richmond, Bronx, Rockland, Westchester, Orange, Putnam, and Dutchess. According to the investigation, the crew frequented neighborhoods with multiple car dealerships and cell phone stores, frequently breaking into multiple stores in a single night. At dealerships, they would destroy the front windows, steal the key fobs, and drive stolen vehicles through the shattered windows. 

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Gang Targets Cell Phone Stores and ATMs, Engaging in High-Speed Chases with Police

Photo by: RDNE Stock project via Pexels

Similarly, they would shatter the windows of cell phone store showrooms and ATM store offices and steal merchandise and cash. The information from the Attorney General’s office also indicates that the crew often waited for police to arrive at the location of the burglary before engaging in high-speed chases that posed additional risks to law enforcement and the community. The individuals were eventually identified by investigators using video surveillance, mobile phone and license plate reader data, as well as reports from other county and local law enforcement agencies. 

They also used a number of the individuals’ social media posts to locate them, including Instagram posts in which the individuals posed with stolen vehicles and significant amounts of cash. All six defendants plead guilty to felony offenses and were sentenced to prison. The Attorney General’s office did not specify the length of each defendant’s imprisonment. 

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Source: Bronx Times

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