Brianna Kupfer Was Killed When She Was Stabbed, and New Charges Have Been Filed


New charges have been filed in the stabbing death of UCLA student Brianna Kupfer, who was savagely attacked and killed at her employment in Hancock Park in January.

According to a fresh indictment unsealed in court on Monday, the suspect, 32-year-old Shawn Laval Smith, is now additionally charged with lying in wait and using a knife.

The indictment was filed on Nov. 15 and supersedes previous charges, eliminating the necessity for a preliminary hearing.

Shawn Laval Smith, 31, is suspected of fatally stabbing Kupfer on Jan. 13 when she was working at the Croft House boutique furniture store on North La Brea Avenue in the 300 blocks.

Kupfer had 46 sharp force injuries, including 26 stab wounds and 20 incised wounds, according to an autopsy released in August.

She was stabbed 11 times in the chest, twice in the belly, once in the pelvis, twice on her right arm, five times on her left arm, twice on her right leg, and three times in her left leg. The stab wounds were all around five inches deep.

Her death was judged a homicide, with sharp force injuries as the cause of death.

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Kupfer was working alone inside the furniture store when a man entered, according to investigators. She texted a friend that she was receiving a “bad feeling” from the man, but the friend didn’t get the text in time, according to authorities.

Shortly afterward, the man attacked her with a knife. The suspect was described as a “random walk into the store” by the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Smith was seen on surveillance camera going away from the store through a back alley after the attack. Surveillance cameras also showed him casually shopping at a nearby 7-Eleven store around 30 minutes later.

He was also seen shopping at other stores before and after the incident, according to authorities.

A client came in about 20 minutes later and discovered Kupfer dead in a puddle of blood on the store floor.

Smith was apprehended on Jan. 19 near Pasadena after a week-long manhunt driven by a $250,000 reward, according to the LAPD. He was then charged with murder, which included an allegation that he committed the act with a knife. His next court date is Monday, August 8.

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Smith has a significant criminal record, having been charged in California, North Carolina, and South Carolina. FOX News found online records indicating at least 11 arrests in Charleston, South Carolina, dating back to 2010, including a pending case for allegedly shooting a pistol into an occupied vehicle on Nov. 13, 2019.

Kupfer attended Brentwood High School as well as the University of Miami and the University of Sydney.

Her father characterized her as a sweet angel, intelligent, committed to her family, with many friends, enormous goals, and her entire life ahead of her.

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