Boston’s Controversial ‘Enemies List’: Mayor Michelle Wu Faces Legal Scrutiny and Courtroom Defense


The controversy surrounding Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s widely publicized “enemies” list may not be over. The Boston Herald reported that her administration may have to go to court to defend the list and explain its origins after a judge consented to include it in the discovery phase of a case against a North End restaurateur accused of attempting to shoot a business rival. Patrick Mendoza owns Monica’s Trattoria in the city’s Italian district. His attorney is demanding to know how he ended up on Wu’s list of vocal critics and what police did with it. Wu has not yet responded to these inquiries.

A judge granted the request on Friday, requiring the Wu administration to disclose all emails, texts, and other communications regarding the list. The court ruling stipulates that Wu or her top lieutenants may be deposed under oath. The file was initially reported by the Herald, which likened it to former President Richard Nixon’s adversaries list. In addition to Mendoza, the list contains the names of over a dozen other vocal Wu critics.

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Security Concerns and Public Demonstrations: Wu’s List of Individuals Considered Threats 

Photo by: Stuart Cahill via Boston Herald

The individuals on the list, according to Wu, were considered threats to her and her family and were therefore requested by police and sent to them by an aide. A number of the individuals on the list have demonstrated against Wu by attending her public events and yelling at her for imposing a Covid vaccine requirement on city employees. “We have a public safety plan for nearly all of our public events because it is necessary, and we work closely with the Boston Police,” Wu stated. 

Scapicchio stated that the list could potentially affect Mendoza’s defense. The counsel inquired, “Who decided it was a threat and what was the threat?” The following hearing has been scheduled for 24 August. Mendoza is being detained without bail after being charged with assault with intent to murder in a case involving a business rival. Wu is on a 10-day trip out of the country.

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Source: New York Post, Boston Herald

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