Boston University Issues Warning Following Series of Dormitory Burglaries


After a series of burglaries in the dormitories, Boston University is urging students to be vigilant during a time of year when they should only be concerned about their first exam.

The Boston University Police reports that items were stolen from dormitories 191 and 133 Bay State Road early on Saturday morning through an open window. On August 22, MIT also reported a break-in at 111 Bay State Road.

Students told Boston 25 News the news had them double-checking window latches and even arranging for sleepovers.

“My first thought was, ‘Oh no, am I next?'” said adjacent resident and sophomore Tyler Davis. “My roommate had not yet arrived. After reading the email, I felt somewhat threatened. Therefore, I had an acquaintance remain with me, and it made me feel much better knowing that someone was there in case something did occur.”

Freshman Gelila Tilahun, who also resides on Bay State Road, described the situation as “stressful and a little overwhelming.”

The BU police are investigating whether the incidents are related, but they believe the unknown perpetrator is targeting windows that are accessible, open, or unsecured.

“The BUPD is alerting the community about this situation so that you can take precautions to ensure your safety. We are requesting that the community secure all doors, windows, and security screens. Call BUPD immediately if you observe any suspicious behavior, according to a statement from BU police.

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Also provided were the following safety recommendations:

  • Never confront a criminal on your own. It is not worth getting into a physical altercation with these individuals because they are typically seeking property. Contact BUPD at (617) 353-2121.
  • Recognize the indicators. Do not enter the room if the door is damaged, especially around the door latch. You should avoid surprising a criminal. Go somewhere secure and summon the BUPD to investigate.
  • Make it difficult on them. Thieves will search for doors and windows that are accessible. By securing the door to your home and any windows that provide access to a fire escape, you drastically reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim.
  • Help your fellow man. Close any unattended doors to the building that have been held open. If a thief has simple access to the structure, they can simply search for apartments that are unlocked.
  • Recognize your acquaintances. When you recognize your neighbors, it is simpler to identify unauthorized individuals in your building.
  • Observe Something and Report It. Set the BU Police emergency number 617-353-2121 into your cell phone. If you require assistance on or near the BU Charles River, Fenway, or Medical Campuses, please contact us. We are available to take your inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Text BUPD anonymously from off-campus by messaging “BU” to 847411.


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Source: Yahoo News


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