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Biden’s response to our inflation crisis was rude!


Inflation reached its highest level since 1981, according to data released by President Joe Biden, with consumer prices rising by an astonishing 8.5 percent over the 12 months ending in March.

This is the sixth consecutive month in which inflation has been above 6 percent, and the eleventh consecutive month in which inflation has exceeded 5 percent.

What was the White House’s response? A waiver to enable the sale of high-ethanol gasoline during the summer months, which affects just the petrol sold at 2,300 gas stations statewide, out of a total of approximately 150,000, has been granted.


When you dig deeper into the inflation picture, the situation becomes much bleaker (though, of course, Team Biden opposes new drilling). The price of fuel oil has increased by an astonishing 70%, while the price of gasoline has increased by 48%.

There was not a single food category that had inflation below 7 percent.

Just for March, the entire figure increased by 1.2 percent, marking the largest monthly increase since September 2005. This amounts into a 2.7 percent reduction in monthly income.

inflation crisis was rude

The average family (with a median household income of $67,500) is losing at least $5,000 per year as a result of inflation.

Jen Psaki, Biden’s leaving press secretary, referred to the figures as “extraordinarily inflated,” before reiterating the erroneous assertion that it was all due to “Putin’s price increase.”

Those whom Democrats claim to care about the most have taken the worst of the blow: Non-white voters, as well as those with incomes below $60,000, report significant financial difficulties, with 35% of non-white voters reporting substantial financial difficulties.

The president, on the other hand, is adamant about not changing course. More taxes, more borrowing, and more expenditure are proposed in his budget. He has made no move to put a halt to his campaign against domestic energy.

Undeniably, Obama will not acknowledge that his terrible American Rescue Plan was, as a Federal Reserve analysis has demonstrated, the spark that ignited this conflagration by injecting nearly $2 trillion into an already overheating economy.

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No, all that the American people get from Joe and company are inconsequential gestures and trite blame-shifting.

All of this almost ensures that inflation, along with all of the other calamities wreaked by the Democratic rule of Washington, will only continue to worsen in the foreseeable future.

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