Beyond Beige: Sophie Robinson’s Expert Guide to Embracing Color


Sophie Robinson, a color expert and interior design guru, reveals her game-changing strategy for overcoming the beige barrier and learning how to gradually embrace color and bolder paint trends in your home. Colour is something that appears to be in a constant state of flux. In an effort to ‘play it safe’ in the face of what appears to be an overwhelming number of rules, regulations, and mantras, many individuals opt for neutral living room color schemes .However, this is not always the case.

The interior design experts at Taskrabbit are calling for the end of the reign of “basic beige” after a study revealed that 69% of Britons paint their complete homes either grey, white, or beige. However, nearly one-fifth of Britons (18%) confess that they wish they had the courage to inject more color into their homes, describing colorful dwellings as cheery, enjoyable, and energizing.

As we all know, the hardest part is figuring out where to begin, particularly when you’re thrown headfirst into unknown color theories, such as the 60-30-10 rule and how to choose the ideal paint color. Well, pull out your color wheel because we’ve got you covered on the very first thing you’ll need to do as a beginner.

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Sophie Robinson’s Advice for a Vibrant Home Color Schemes

Photo by: Claire Worthy via Telegraph

In an exclusive interview with Ideal Home, we asked Sophie Robinson what her first piece of advice would be for someone seeking to move away from ’50 shades of beige’, despite it being a daunting prospect for someone who has only ever known neutral interiors. Sophie begins, “You have to connect with what you love.”

 Explore the world, have an opinion, and visit an art gallery. Ask yourself, which paintings do you like, and which do you dislike? Which colors do you gravitate toward, and which do you avoid?

Seeing the finest color combinations in action in the real world will make it easier for you to incorporate them into your own home, she advises. It’s a great place to see color palettes put together, and to voice your opinion. Do you like Armani’s black, white, and grey window displays? Are you drawn to the colorful displays in the COS storefront windows? Or is it just the motif in Anthropologie’s storefront window?

Sophie urges, “I think people should engage in color and design and start figuring out what they like.” You cannot simply pick up a paint chart and ask, “Okay, what color should we paint our walls?” That is not how design functions. Sophie reiterates, “So, if you’re in the beige trap and need to get started, start developing an emotional connection to color and have an opinion.”

Then, when you determine what colors you like – you may be donning them, they may be the color of your car, or they may be the color of your favorite gem – decorate your home in those hues, as they are your happy colors.

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