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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Get Bad News at Home After Getting Engaged!


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had reason to celebrate over the weekend after announcing their engagement, but they were hit with a severe case of the Mondays to kick off the week.

According to reports, the couple was informed that they would no longer be relocating to a $55 million mansion in Bel-Air. Lopez confirmed the couple’s engagement in the newest issue of her On the JLo newsletter, which was published on Friday morning.

According to TMZ, sources close to the seller of the Bel-Air mansion have confirmed that the purchase has fallen through escrow. Although it is unclear what occurred, a buyer has the right to withdraw from a transaction during the inspection time.

According to Affleck and Lopez, they must have noticed something about the property that they didn’t like and decided to withdraw their offer. They were also seen touring other mansions in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, which were all valued between $64 million and $72 million, according to TMZ.

Lopez was spotted furniture shopping with her daughter Emme on April 4, according to reports. The photographs, which were published on TMZ, showed Lopez wearing a massive band on her ring finger, prompting speculation that she was engaged.

After confirming the news with a brief video in her On the JLo newsletter on April 8, Lopez quickly followed up with a longer statement. The video, which was matched to her song “Dear Ben,” featured her flashing the ring.

After Getting Engaged

“Life is an art…and we are the artists…make it as beautiful as you want and create precisely what you want it to be…the JLo effect,” Lopez wrote in the video’s caption. Affleck has not responded to the news of his engagement.

Lopez and Affleck were famously engaged from November 2002 to January 2004, but their relationship ended in divorce. During “Bennifer 1.0,” they were subjected to almost continual scrutiny by the paparazzi, and the pair later admitted that the increased strain contributed to their first separation.

“Bennifer 2.0” began production in April 2021, following Affleck’s breakup with Ana de Armas and Lopez’s decision to call off her engagement with Alex Rodriguez. The two of them began spending more and more time together, and their relationship quickly rekindled into something more passionate.

More Updates:

When compared to their initial engagement, Affleck and Lopez have done a better job of keeping their relationship out of the spotlight this time around.

In September 2010, at the Venice Film Festival premiere of Affleck’s The Last Duel, they made their first public appearance together on the red carpet for the first time. They made another public appearance together in February when they attended a screening of Lopez’s film Marry Me.

“Jennifer’s impact on the globe astounds me, and I am in awe of her. As an artist, the best I can hope for is to create films that move people.

Throughout our country, Jennifer has inspired a large number of individuals to believe that they have a voice and a place at the table “According to Affleck in a September interview with Adweek.

In the history of the world, there have only been a few people who have had such an impact. “I will never understand it, but I can only stand by and admire it with reverence.”

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