Robert Green


U.N. Report Highlights Continued Shortcomings in Climate Change Mitigation

The report from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change underscores the pressing need for immediate and substantial action to combat climate change. The forthcoming COP28 summit, slated for December, becomes a critical juncture where nations must intensify their efforts to mitigate global warming and the attendant consequences, including more frequent and severe heatwaves,…

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Challenges Continue: ADHD Medication Shortages Impacting Treatment

A nationwide shortage of ADHD medications has persisted for nearly a year, with federal agencies and drug manufacturers at odds over its causes and solutions. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulates the amphetamines used to produce stimulant ADHD medications, claiming that pharmaceutical companies have sufficient raw ingredients. However, drugmakers dispute this, stating that they’ve exhausted…

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Tensions Flare as Communists Condemn ‘Christian Fascism’ in Schools

Chaos erupted during a Southern California school board meeting when communist protesters clashed with activists advocating for parental rights. The Orange Unified School Board passed a parental notification policy similar to those in other districts, requiring staff to inform parents when their child identifies as transgender. Before the vote, members of the Revolutionary Communist Party…

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Breaking: First Lady Jill Biden’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden’s positive COVID-19 test has brought a new development to the ongoing global battle against the pandemic. The confirmation of her diagnosis was made by her communications director, Elizabeth Alexander, on Monday evening. In a statement, Alexander revealed that the First Lady is currently experiencing only mild symptoms. This development is…

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