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Aside From That, There Will Be Stimulus Checks to Compensate for High Gas Prices | Latest Update!


The administration would want to assist you in paying for gas. Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, gas prices have grown gradually in 2021, reaching new highs. Legislators are now attempting to help households cope by postponing gas taxes or just providing financial assistance.

Although the proposed rewards are not formally referred to as “stimulus checks,” many recipients would agree that they should be considered such.

It is money that is distributed by member states or the federal government to those who meet the eligibility requirements.

The need for reduced gas costs is evident in this situation. According to some statistics, the national average price of gas is $4.24 per gallon of gasoline.

As reported by the United States Energy Agency, the recent increase in natural gas prices from $3.53 a barrel on February 21 to $4.32 a barrel on March 14 was the fastest in three weeks ever recorded.

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It is suggested that a legislative solution be implemented to soften the blow. Among the proposals put up this week by three Senators is the provision of monthly cash transfers to households whose unleaded gasoline costs more than $4 per gallon.

The money is referred to as Economic Impact Payments in the statute, which is titled the Gas Rebate Act of 2022.

The Internal Revenue Service refers to them as “stimulus checks.”

Stimulus Check

Several states are also attempting to assist consumers who are suffering from high gas prices.

Janet Mills, the governor of Maine, has increased the amount of money she intends to provide to Mainers from $750 to $850.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced an $11 billion disaster relief programme on Wednesday, in which families would take $400 per vehicle (with a limit of two vehicles) in the form of a prepaid card.

Gasoline Taxes Are Being Phased Out

Some states are also delaying the implementation of gas taxes. The majority of states have proposed or supported gas tax holidays, which would allow gasoline retailers to simply stop collecting taxes, so reducing prices for a limited time.

The price of gasoline varies from 68 cents per gallon in California to 15 cents per gallon in Alaska, among other places. Georgia and Maryland have already enacted legislation to recognise these holidays.

According to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, “of course, this is not a panacea, and market instability will inevitably result in price volatility,” he warned last week.

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