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An American Woman Allegedly Trained Isis Ladies| Complete Info!


The Justice Department on Friday night unsealed allegations against a Kansas woman with providing material support to ISIS.

To the best of their knowledge, the authorities believe that between 2014 and 2017, Allison Fluke-Ekren, 42, showed a desire in carrying out terrorist actions in favor of ISIS in the United States on six consecutive occasions.

It was revealed in court documents that in 2012, Fluke-Ekren had moved to Syria and married a “prominent” member of the Islamic State. The documents claim she ascended through the ranks to head her own regiment and is fluent in four languages.

Fluke-primary Ekren’s goal in this capacity was to train ISIS female fighters how to defend themselves against their opponents, according to the official accusation.

It doesn’t matter if they’re inside or outside the country, “there are American citizens that wish to do damage to our country,” former DOJ National Security Coordinator for District of Kansas Tony Mattivi stated in a recent interview.

The Justice Department claims she also sheltered, translated for, and trained women to use automatic firearms.

This case shows that ISIS had an attraction to a wide range of international radicals, including women and those from the United States, according to Professor Javed Ali, a former senior counterterrorism director at the National Security Council and currently a professor at the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy.

 “despite their shared jihadist views, ISIS had little to no bans for greater operational responsibilities for women in the group, and there were many other women who fulfilled similar tasks in ISIS-like Fluke-Ekren.”

Ideas for bombing a mall and a university in the United States were among those she was considering.

On the day of her alleged attack, Fluke-Ekren informed a witness that she could conduct it by placing a vehicle full of explosives in the shopping mall’s basement or parking garage, then exploding it using her cellphone, according to court documents.

American Woman
American Woman

Allegedly Fluke-Ekren supplied an FBI informant with an elaborate plan of action as well “intending to attend a university in the United States.

“She said they were going to dress like infidels and drop off an explosive rucksack, “According to court records,

An attack on a big group of individuals was also “fantasized” about, according to the records.

According to Fluke-Ekren, any attack that didn’t result in the death of a huge number of people was considered a waste of resources.

In 2019, Fluke-legal Ekren’s paperwork was filed.

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She was detained in Syria and will appear in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, on Monday, when she will be assigned an attorney.

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