Alabama Dock Chaos Caught on Video: Dozens Engage in Wild WWE-Style Brawl


A shocking footage depicts how a mass fight broke out between a number of white and black individuals at an Alabama riverfront, during which one woman was struck in the head with a chair. A witness stated that the altercation began because a pontoon boat was obstructing the dock where a riverboat was attempting to moor. Although it is unclear whether the melee was racially aggravated, a video shared on social media depicts harrowing scenes of violence that appear to be divided along racial lines; however, it is too early to determine whether the violence was racially aggravated.

Men are seen gouging each other’s eyes and throwing punches to their heads, while a woman rests on the ground as a man viciously attacks her with a chair. One individual is seen swimming across the river from the opposite bank to join the melee. Saturday around 7 p.m., police in Montgomery responded to reports of a disturbance on the riverfront.

The department added that several individuals have been detained and charges are pending. The detainees’ identities have not been made public. At the end of the promenade, the fight appears to have begun with a scuffle between a white man and a black man, as captured on film. In an ostentatious display, the black man tosses his cap into the crowd above, presumably in anticipation of a fight.

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Chaotic Altercation Unfolds at the Riverfront: Scenes of Fights and Confrontations

Photo by: WSFA 12 News via YouTube

Scenes rapidly deteriorate as the pair exchange blows, followed by another white man in red shorts tackling the black man to the ground, followed by the entrance of several other individuals. Others appear to be throwing punches while others appear to be attempting to break up the battle. A black male can be seen swimming across the river and onto the boardwalk at that point. A group of black men are seen approaching a group of white individuals in a small motorboat moored to the pontoon in separate footage.

Soon after, another fight breaks out, and at one point, a white woman is thrown into the water while her attacker is encouraged by those documenting the fight. A second video depicts the fight spreading to the center of the promenade, in front of a larger vessel named Harriott II. Two men exchange head blows before one of them gouges the other’s eye. One black man is seen striking the white man with a chair to the head. The black man then uses the chair to strike a white woman over the head, before being restrained and detained by arriving police officers.

A baying crowd reacts with a mixture of dread and glee to the disturbing events transpiring before them. Images posted on social media appear to show a group of handcuffed white men reclining on the boardwalk as other people are led off of the incident. Local police are conducting an investigation into the altercation as they review multiple recordings provided by the public and the City of Montgomery’s video surveillance.

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Source: Daily Mail, New York Post

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