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After Receiving Unfavorable Criticism, the Inflation Tax Applied at Local Restaurants Was Discontinued.

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After a three-day trial period in which the franchise experimented with charging an “inflation charge” in certain Submarine House restaurants in the Dayton area, the company has suspended the practice.

After spotting an unexpected cost on her receipt, a client called News Center 7 on Thursday. The following is how she characterised the situation:

Annette Saylor, who visits one of the restaurant’s locations a couple of times a month, was “surprised” to see an inflation fee on her ticket when she double-checked it. “I had never seen it before” featured on no other transaction I’d made at any other establishment.

It was, however, legal, and it was being charged as a result of the rising cost of living. The inflation charge was considered an alternative to an overall price increase, according to Kelsey Mears, director of franchise sales at Submarine House.

The corporation was concerned about rising prices for everything from raw supplies to labour, they added.

“We received some negative feedback, which forced us to reconsider our decision, and after three days, we decided against it.”

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Submarine House announced that it will be obliged to adopt an overall price rise for its goods when the test was completed. Saylor explained, “It’s not so much about the number as it is about the philosophy.” “I just think it could have been put a little more plainly.”

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