After accidentally eating poppy seeds, a man in Melbourne thought he was going to die.


A musician from Melbourne talked about the scary moment he thought he was going to die after eating a bad batch of poppy seeds.

Andy Jordan is one of 32 adults in Australia who have been taken to the hospital in the last month.

He has been putting poppy seeds in a drink that tastes like brewed tea for two years to help with stomach problems. He said he has never had any kind of reaction to the drink.

“I drank the poppy seeds in the morning, and about five minutes later my eyes shut. It felt like strychnine poisoning,” he said.

“When my muscles cramped, I knew I was in trouble.”

His brother called triple-0 three times, but there was no answer, and the line went dead.

“I was shaking, and every muscle in my chest and back was spasming. It felt like my kidneys and heart were being crushed to death, it was crazy,” he said.

“It felt like someone had mixed up a chemical weapon in the bag.”

Mr. Jordan’s roommate offered to drive him to the hospital because he feared the worst and his condition was getting worse.

“About 10 minutes in, I thought I was going to die,” he said.

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“It didn’t feel like any hospital opioid I’ve ever taken.

“This was the worst feeling in the world. It was horrible.”

Mr. Jordan was very lucky that the toxicologist at Austin Hospital was an expert in this kind of poisoning and saw the signs right away.

He said, “As soon as he saw me, he knew what had happened.”

“Muscle relaxants were injected into me to try to stop my muscles from twitching and strangling me.”

The poppy seeds that caused the poisonings are now being recalled across the country.

The seeds that aren’t good for eating have a lot of the alkaloid thebaine, which is often used to make morphine and codeine. They are not safe for people to eat.

High levels of thebaine have been found in the blood of people who have been poisoned in this group.

It is being looked into how the seeds that were not good for eating got into stores.

Poppy seed poisoning can cause seizures, severe muscle pain, spasms, cramping, stiffness, or movements that don’t make sense, as well as severe kidney damage.

What kinds of poppy seeds have been taken off the market?
Food Standards Australia New Zealand said that five brands sold at Woolworths, Coles, IGA, online, and at other stores that aren’t part of a chain would be recalled.

Poppy Seeds from Eumarrah
Hoyts Poppy Seeds
Gaganis Premium Australian Poppy Seeds Poppy Seeds by East West Foods Wholesale Pty Ltd Royal Fields Poppy Seeds by Basfoods International Pty Ltd.
The group says that people should take the seeds back to where they bought them for a full refund and safe disposal.


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