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Accepts Food Stamps for Online Orders to Target Lower-income Shoppers!


Target aims to allow customers to pay for online items with food stamps, according to a report published Friday by Reuters (April 1).

This would put the retailing behemoth on a par with its major competitors Walmart and Amazon, respectively.

It would also assist the company, which is the seventh-largest retailer in the country, in expanding its portion of the lower-income market.

Target stated in an email that it planned to begin accepting SNAP benefits as payments in April, provisionally. That will be accomplished through a service provided by delivery arm Shipt, though a spokeswoman stated that there is no formal launch date at this time.

Orders will be accepted at the service’s drive-up and pickup locations as well.

Accepts Food Stamps for Online Orders

According to Reuters, around 21.7 million households in the United States rely on SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Cold food items, nonalcoholic beverages, seeds, and plants have traditionally been the only things eligible for reimbursement under this scheme.

According to Reuters, offering this service could assist Target in filling a vacuum in its eCommerce strategy by allowing the retailer to reach households that might otherwise shop for groceries at sites like Walmart or dollar store chains, among other places.

Because of a partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture, which distributes food stamps, the study says that Walmart and Amazon are now accepting food stamp purchases through their respective websites as of January 2019.

According to David Klink, senior equities analyst at Huntington Private Bank, Target’s strategy may be able to increase consumer loyalty while also helping the company sell a variety of products. According to the study, that institution owns more than $30 million worth of Target stock.

According to PYMNTS, Walmart has unveiled a new plan to connect its consumer base with a broader range of products.

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Walmart Connect, the company’s new domestic advertising arm, represents the beginning of a new revenue stream that has grown into a $2 billion enterprise.

According to Rich Lehrfeld, senior vice president, and general manager of Walmart Connect, “every year, 90 percent of American homes rely on Walmart for a selection of products from must-buy brands, both large and small,” in a blog post.

“In addition, we serve more than 150 million customers each week, whether they shop in-store or online.”

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