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‘a Slap in the Face of Every Muslim Woman’: Twitter Rips Julia Fox’s Headscarf| Complete Info!

Muslim Woman

Vogue France has been branded “hypocritical” after praising actress Julia Fox for wearing a hijab.

The tabloid released an image of Fox arriving at a Paris Men’s Fashion Week presentation wearing a leather Balenciaga trench coat, a black headscarf, and sunglasses.

“Yes to the turban! Click here for a recap of Julia Fox and Kanye West’s looks at the couture show in Paris this week. It was then modified to eliminate all mention to Fox’s turban.

It was quickly deleted after Instagram users slammed it for perpetuating “double standards” and praising Fox for wearing a hijab while “actively oppressing Muslim women from doing so”.

Since 1989, when three Muslim girls were expelled from Creil High School for refusing to remove their hijab, the issue has raged in France.

As a result of this, at least 100 girls have been suspended or expelled from school. The French courts overturned roughly half of these exclusions.

In 2011, the country banned facial coverings like the niqab and burqa. It’s called a burqa and it covers the whole face except the eyes.

Earlier this month, the French Senate voted to ban “religious symbols” – including the hijab – from sporting events.

Ban suggested by right-wing organization Les Republicans, opposed by the Macron government, adopted by 160 votes to 143.

Muslim Woman

The National Assembly and Senate will gather to consider the bill, which may be dropped.

In other sports, the French Football Federation already prohibits women from wearing the hijab during official club and international games.

Given the country’s restrictions on Muslim women, social media users called Vogue France’s piece “frustratingly tone-deaf.”

“Yes to the turban? “This is really pretty insulting to the hijab prohibition in France and glamorizing non-Muslim women for wearing something that Muslim women are routinely policed over,” one Instagram user said.

“So the headscarf is fine on a non-Muslim? Not religion, but fashion? Is choice exclusively for whites?

According to a 2019 report by France’s National Consultative Commission on Human Rights, 60% of Muslim women who wore a hijab claimed religious discrimination.

In response to the tweet, one Twitter user said: “This is a slap in the face of any Muslim lady who has been harassed for “Yet when Julia Fox wears it, it’s Vogue?”

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While many hijabi women must wear a beanie or turban in France, celebrities and models do so, making it ‘high fashion? “This is evil,” said another.

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