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A red flag warning has been put up in Southern California because of high winds and the risk of brush fires.


This Thanksgiving, people in Southern California have to deal with more than just heavy traffic.

The National Weather Service put out a red flag warning on Thursday for parts of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties that lasts until Friday morning. This means that the weather is very dangerous for fires.

Forecasts show that there could be gusts of wind as strong as 70 mph in some parts of Southern California. The dry wind and the dry ground from a megadrought that has been going on for decades could spread any fires that start.

In Los Angeles and Orange Counties, temperatures are expected to reach 80 degrees, and strong winds are expected to blow through the canyons.

The hills east of Santa Barbara, including Burbank, Santa Clarita, and Malibu, are also under a high wind warning.

Because of the way the wind is blowing, there is a high chance of brush fires all over the region. When the wind comes from the Pacific Ocean, it’s much wetter than when it comes from the east.

There are also scattered wind advisories for other parts of the southwest. Gusts of up to 50 mph are expected in parts of Southern California, Arizona, and western Texas.

People are asked to be careful with anything that could start a wildfire. Southern California Edison’s data show that there could be power outages for safety reasons in a number of places.


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